TWICE members surprise fans with a new version of Merry & Happy

Credits: JYP Entertainment

On December 22, 2022, the TWICE members released the music video for the 2022 version of the song ‘Merry & Happy.’ The fans of the K-pop girl group were quite surprised by the unexpected music video release. The track was a part of TWICE’s first studio album called the ‘Twicetagram’ released five years ago. For the unversed, ‘Merry & Happy’ is a Christmas song that conveys the message for everyone to spend the winter holidays with someone they love dearly. There is no denying that anyone will feel the holiday spirit immediately after listening to the sweet and romantic number.

The music video

Talking about the TWICE members, all of them look mature and attractive in the 2022 version of the much-loved music video. The official video’s simplicity helps it to remain more authentic and wins the hearts of music lovers even now. The girl group members express themselves in a playful manner by getting references from the previous music video of the song. There is no denying that it is always a treat for the fans to watch the TWICE members as all of them have excellent visuals.

TWICE "Merry & Happy" 2022ver. - Mini M/V

Earlier news

A few months ago, all the TWICE members renewed their contracts with the agency JYP Entertainment. A representative from the same agency confirmed the news on July 12, 2022, while stating that all the TWICE members decided to renew the contract based on trust.

Here is what the official statement of TWICE rejoining JYP Entertainment said, “Ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contracts this fall, all members of TWICE completed renewing their contracts. TWICE, who played a crucial role in establishing JYP’s status, and JYP, which became a reliable source of support for TWICE growing to become a representative K-pop girl group, agreed based on this similar trust to renew the contracts with confidence in an even better future.”

TWICE’s record

TWICE members also grabbed headlines earlier in 2022 by making a new record. The group became the first female K-pop artist in history to hold a stadium concert in the United States. Their encore concert was called “TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘Ⅲ’ ENCORE.”  It was immediately followed by another record-setting concert tour which was TWICE’s 4th world tour ‘III.’ With this, the members set a new record for the most-attended North American tour by a K-pop girl group in history.