‘Twin Peaks’ creator David Lynch’s wife, Emily Stofle, files for divorce after 14 years

David Lynch
Credits: David Lynch Theatre/Youtube

‘Twin Peaks’ filmmaker David Lynch and his longtime spouse, Emily Stofle, are reportedly undergoing a divorce.

Stofle, 45, has filed for divorce, seeking the end of her 14-year marriage to Lynch and outlining specific demands in her petition, as per TMZ. The situation appears far from amicable, according to the outlet.

The outlet further dished that the actress has requested exclusive legal and physical custody of their 11-year-old daughter in her court filing while expressing willingness for Lynch, 77, to have visitation rights. Stofle is also seeking spousal support and coverage of her legal expenses from the acclaimed director.

Stolfe is Lynch’s fourth spouse

Lynch has been married thrice before, making Stolfe his fourth wife. The former couple exchanged vows in 2009. His previous marriages include Peggy Lynch (1967-1974), Mary Fisk (1977-1987), and Mary Sweeney (2006-2007). 

What are Lynch and Stolfe’s famous works?

David Lynch, known for directing films like “The Elephant Man,” “Wild at Heart,” “Lost Highway,” and “Dune,” is not only a renowned filmmaker but also a talented painter, musician, photographer, author, and designer. He even has his own foundation.

On the other hand, Emily Stofle, who appeared in Lynch’s movies like “Inland Empire” (2006) and the “Twin Peaks” TV series (2017), has made a name for herself in acting with notable roles in films such as “Ted Bundy” and “The Fourth Noble Truth.”