Twisted Metal Season 2: Will there be another season?

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Twisted Metal, brought to you by Peacock, is an adaptation of the well-known PlayStation game series from the 1990s. It centers on an amnesic deliveryman John Doe (Mackie), who must navigate a post-apocalyptic world while dodging murderous clowns, cults, and cannibals. Many viewers have praised the colorful and unique world of the series. Will Twisted Metal, however, air a season two?

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Is Twisted Metal renewed for Season 2?

Given that Twisted Metal has only recently premiered on the streaming service, Peacock has not yet said whether or not the series will receive a second season. But if the program goes on, Anthony Mackie already has some theories about what may happen in Season 2. He expressed his desire for his character John Doe to rematch Samoa Joe’s murderous clown Sweet Tooth in an interview with NBC Insider conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike, pledging that this time, “I am not losing.”

What to expect from Twisted Metal Season 2?

Since Peacock has not formally renewed this one yet, not much is known about season 2 at this moment. It is reasonable to suppose that we will pick up after what happened at the end of the first season if the streamers opt to approve a second. In Season 2, a racing competition similar to that in the video game is presumably in store. Raven gave John another duty (to compete in the tournament) as the first season came to an end, and we also got to see the chosen contestants. Watts, Mary, and even The Preacher were among them, and their reunion with John would be tantalizing.

Where we’ve left off (Twisted Metal Season 1’s recap)

The protagonist of Twisted Metal is a “Milkman” by the name of John Doe (Mackie).

The show is a fictional world and takes place 20 years after the planet’s electronic systems were destroyed by an unexplained bug. The civic system fell into disorder and frenzy as a result. All of the offenders were left outside in the open while cities were walled off.

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The COO of New San Francisco, Raven, calls John from within the city. For him, this is a big thing in and of itself since it is unusual. If he brings a box for her from New Chicago all the way out in the East, she will grant him permanent residency within the city. Immediately agreeing to make the delivery, John departs on his mission. He encounters a traumatized bandit along the journey, whom he nicknames Quiet. Their relationship initially develops out of need, but as they face difficult obstacles and encounter new post-apocalyptic personalities while traveling, it quickly develops into something more. Twisted Metal has its own universe with quirky and interesting characters.

Who might be cast for Twisted Metal Season 2?

The Twisted Metal season 2 cast is unknown, and because many of the season 1 cast members will probably die, it is difficult to predict who could make a comeback. Nevertheless, John Doe, played by Mackie, who has been positioned as the series’ protagonist, will probably make it through season 1 and join the cast of Twisted Metal. Samoa Joe and Will Arnett’s Sweet Tooth may serve as the main antagonist for the entire season. However, in the video game series, Sweet Tooth actually took the position of the original primary antagonist, Calypso, making it possible for Sweet Tooth to be killed in season 1 and replaced by a new enemy in season 2.

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Where to watch Twisted Metal Season 2?

Twisted Metal is a Peacock original, and the second season will most probably premiere on the same platform if it’s renewed.

Is there a trailer for Twisted Metal Season 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no news about the show’s renewal, and therefore we don’t have a trailer for the second season of Twisted Metal.