Rescue cat in U.K. found with two noses, making her ‘a real rarity’

Credit: CATS PROTECTION via People

Creatures with disabilities or special features that do not align with the definition of perfectly structured animals that are not considered pure breeds often end up in rescue centers waiting to be adopted. Animal lovers need to be educated on loving them even with their perfections or as society deems them ‘flaws.’

People reported via Cats Protection Warrington Adoption Centre that on Thursday, the center shared to Facebook that the 4-year-old kitty — who it describes as “a gentle lady who loves fuss and a cuddle” — was brought into their care due to reasons out of her control. The charity wrote, “Nanny McPhee sadly arrived into our care due to her previous owners’ health and financial reasons. She is looking for her furrever home,” adding, “But while she appeared to have quite the nose on her, given her name, it turned out “she actually has two noses.”

Senior field veterinary officer Fiona Brockbank told the BBC in a statement acquired by People, ‘that Nanny McPhee had two noses was a “first for us,” and her double-nose look was ultimately caused by a congenital abnormality,’ adding, “This is a real rarity and, thankfully, it isn’t causing her any problems at all.”

While Brockbank told the BBC via People that congenital abnormalities are not an uncommon phenomenon, she said that Nanny McPhee’s can be genetically or caused in utero. Manager Lindsay Kerr said, “We have all fallen in love with our one-of-a-kind [cat], who reiterated that the feline was named after the fictional character who had a “famously deformed nose.” Adding to this, she commented on the behavioral capacities of the feline, “She has proven to be a gentle lady who adores a fuss and a cuddle and we are hopeful her new-found fame will mean she will have no shortage of potential adopters. She really does deserve a home where she can settle down and become the centre of a loving family.”

Per People, as of Friday afternoon, Nanny McPhee is listed on Warrington Adoption Centre’s website as “reserved,” which means she will be entering into the arms of her new home soon.

Such shelters are doing a wonderful job of keeping unwanted animals safe until they find a warm new home, providing the creature with a much smoother transition process between being abandoned and reaching a new home. Most shelters like this provide stability to the animal that gets close to the owners, get healthier, and are not scared when they are accepted into a loving home.