Ultraman Season 3: Everything you need to know

Ultraman Season 3
Credits: NETFLIX

Wondering whether Ultraman Season 3 is happening? Read on to find out the latest updates.

How many of us here are ardent fans of superhero movies and series? How many of us still love watching a hero bashing up a villain and eventually showing us how good wins over evil, always? How many of us believe that a superhero movie can make for a perfect watch when we are confused about the right thing to watch? How many of us remember the sought-after superhero, Ultraman. Yes, that shiny silver and red character with such a peculiar face that cannot be forgotten.

Ultraman has been one of the initial characters created by the same production house, which has given us some famous series like the Power Rangers – the colorful five superheroes who save the world from aliens and invasions. Yes, Ultraman is something similar, but it is the pioneer of all these as it has been the first superhero to be launched, who fights evils and aliens and all the invasive forces that are coming from different planets.

It got converted into an anime series a few years ago and started premiering on Netflix. It already gave us two seasons, with the second season coming recently. Despite the second season just being recently released, fans have already started speculating about Ultraman Season 3.

Ultraman Season 3

So, here is everything we know so far about Ultraman Season 3. 

Will there be Season 3 of Ultraman?

Yes, Ultraman Season 3 is happening. Ultraman was renewed for a fresh season on April 19, 2022, by Netflix. Check the tweet here.

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date

While no official release date has been announced, the tweet does prooves that Ultraman Season 3 will drop sometime in 2023. But looking at the pattern of previous releases, we are certain that it might have a Spring 2023 release.

Ultraman Season 3 Teaser

Netflix announced the renewal of Ultraman Season 3 by releasing a teaser. While no details are given away in the teaser, we do see the announcement of a Season 3, and this has made the fans very excited. However, the bad news is that this will be the final season of Ultraman.

ULTRAMAN | Final Season Announcement | Netflix


Ultraman Season 3 Cast

The core cast is expected to remain the same. We do not have more updates as to who will join the cast. The show is the first of the kind in the Tokusatsu genre, which is a Japanese form of action that involves practical special effects for the success of live-action scenes.
  • Josh as Ultraman
  • Takuya as Dan
  • Ryohei as Shinjiro
  • Ken Uo as Mitsuhiro

Ultraman Season 3 Expected Plot

Ultraman Season 3

For those who think anime is a childish drama, Ultraman can break their misconceptions. It follows the underdog story of a world that is soon going to end amidst pain, famine, disease, and apocalypse. These problems are metaphorical protagonists of this story. A classic story of Ultraman coming to the world’s rescue and helping it be a better version of itself, we see that they are faced with the apocalypse. 

Villains are coming their way who are ready to invade and take over Earth. Can Ultraman save everyone and finally emerge as a winner. Would he need to upgrade his powers? Will his signature moves work effectively? Will the boy finally have friends who will join the squad? Will they liberate the world of evils? All of this might possibly make for the plot of Ultraman Season 3.

While this part might seem childish and dramatic, the action scenes, exchanges of friendship, coming over evils in the form of societal rudimentary acts, and the share of anxiety and loneliness of the protagonist makes this show serious and a contemporary take on the end of the world to the carelessness of humans like us.