Unstable Season 2: Will there be another season or not?

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Credit: Netflix

Rob Lowe is no alien to the jovial workplace sitcom, having featured as the ever positive Chris Trarger on NBC’s Parks and recreation. But his upcoming work in the genre cones with a bonus perk: working alongside his son, John Owen Lowe. Netflix’s Unstable is the first work of pair together, and their first as co-leads and co-creators.

The first season of Unstable, which dropped at March 30, follows Rob Lowe as Ellis Dragon, a biotech businessman who truly wants to help the world, and John Lowe as Jackson, a flutist who wants freedom of his dad’s recognition. The concept was very much inspired by real life.

ccording to The New York Times, John Lowe felt like he could never escape the shadow of his father, and that gave birth to the idea for a show, he worked with his dad and Victor Fresco to make it happen. John Lowe in a similar manner leaned into the distinctive father-son dynamic instead of running from it, Jackson did the same thing on Unstable — eventually coming to work at his dad’s company in the wake of his mom’s death.

Although the season two of Unstable is still not announced, here’s everything you need to know about a likely follow-up.

Will there be season 2 of Unstable?

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Credit: Netflix

Presently there’s nothing pointing towards a possible renewal of season two of Unstable.

The major deciding factor will be audience’s response if the show will be renewed or not. The past is the witness to this question, we have all seen how renewals/cancellations with comedies at Netflix, are dictated by audience.
So if the audience are rooting for the show, it bodes well for its renewal. For this reason, we are definitely sure about audience loving this show.

This show has so many directions it can go that makes for an effortlessly written delivery of ankther good season.

Unstable Season 2 Cast:

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Credit: Netflix

The Lowes are sure to make a return with their father-son duo being the heart of the show, so you should definitely count on them to return should Unstable get a renewal.
● Rob Lowe portrays Ellis Dragon.
● John Owen Lowe represents Jackson Dragon.
● Sian Clifford performs Anna Bennet.
● Aaron Branch in the role of Malcolm.
● Rachel Marsh presents Luna Castillo.
● Emma Ferreira plays Ruby.
● Fred Armisen features Leslie.
● Tom Allen is presented by JT.

Unstable Season 2 Plot:

While the watchers might have to wait a while to see what the potential season two of Unstable has planned, the workplace comedy structure opens itself to multiple story potential — and Rob Lowe is looking upto some of your favourite sitcoms for inventiveness. In recent Netflix press release he stated “I want people to know this is a comedy with a capital C,” adding that Unstable “aspires to be in the vein of Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 30 Rock, [and] Parks and Recreation.”

When is Unstable Season 2 coming out?

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Credit: Netflix

The release date is yet to be officially confirmed for the season two of Unstable. Viewers have to wait a while for the confirmation from Netflix if it will be renewed for a second season. However, on March 30, 2023, the first season of Unstable will be available to watch on the streaming service.

The show stars Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe in a chronicle about Ellis Dragon, a worldwide loved but a weird man. Eight thirty-minute episodes of Unstable are planned to be filled with exciting, insanity, and incalculable. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and have fun with the first season of this captivating series.