Usher reveals why his kids don’t want him to be with them at events

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Usher opened up about why his kids prefer him to keep a low profile during their events. The father of four, with two sons from his ex-wife Tameka Foster and two more from his longtime girlfriend Jenn Goicoechea, shared that his children sometimes want a low-key presence during their activities in a recent episode of Club Shay Shay.

In the interview with podcast host Shannon Sharpe, Usher revealed, “My kids – sometimes, they don’t want me to come. They don’t want me to be at their basketball game or their recital, or they wanna be very, very low-key, ‘cause they don’t want that energy.” He said, “They don’t want, ‘Oh Dad walked into the room and took…’ ” To which, Sharpe added, “All their focus off me.”

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer continued, “And it’s hard, because I try my hardest to have that empathy, but I wanna be there.” He recalled the “countless times” where he’s sat “at the back of the room, quiet” trying to “keep myself as small as possible and be as quiet as I possibly can” to support his children without stealing the spotlight from their accomplishments.


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Usher discusses his kids’ concept of ‘normal’

Usher also delved into the contrast between his kids’ upbringing and his own experiences, reflecting on the impact it has on them. “That access and that reality that they’re looking at – it gives them some expectation and unfortunately I can’t take it back,” he shared. “I walked so that we could ride. And now that you’re riding, I want you to understand the importance of walking.”

Sharpe then went on to ask how his kids can be “normal” when they return home to a “six-car garage” and a “nanny, maid and chef.” Usher said in response, “That is a harsh reality, which is more the reason why you gotta be harder on them. But mindful that their normal is different than our normal … the expectation is actually higher. That’s the one thing that I have empathy for my children.”


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Usher talks about his eldest son

The ‘Confessions’ hitmaker further expressed that he’s sensitive towards his oldest son, who shares the same name. “You know, I named my son Usher so every time he’s out, obviously, there’s that pressure,” he explained. Speaking on his experience of parenting, Usher stated, “It’s equally important to talk to your kids. If you gonna push ‘em that way, you gotta love on ‘em just as much.”

The Grammy Award winner has previously opened up about how his kids “don’t care” about his fame, as per People. While speaking to Tamron Hall in 2020, Usher revealed, “My boys, they enjoy it. I have one son, Cinco, who does not like to be called Usher, who tries to get away from it. Then another son, Naviyd, who really loves entertainment.”