Vampire facial: Must know facts related to the dermal filler procedure

Vampire facial

Ever heard of a vampire facial? If not, get ready to know about this new filler treatment that will make you feel nothing less than a celebrity! Usually, the term vampire fills us with terror and fear. However, when we enter the world of beauty, its significance is a positive one and you will love doing a vampire facial!

Vampire facial

What is a vampire facial?

Vampire facial refers to a facial filler treatment that has recently gained widespread recognition owing to its popularity among celebrities. Moreover, its impressive results are worth trying out. So, if you are among those people still exploring some of the dermal filler options, we recommend trying the vampire facial.

If you are ready to undergo a vampire facial, we have some must-know facts to help you out with your choice.

  • It helps remove scarring and smoothen wrinkles

Vampire facial is unlike any other facial filler. Not only does it add volume or plump up a problematic area but also helps restore the shape of your face. Furthermore, this dermal facial helps improve skin tone and texture. It helps rejuvenate the healing platelets in the plasma and restores tissues and damaged skin.

  • It promotes the development of new cells

The procedure of a vampire facial uses your body’s blood while separating the plasma and the healing platelets. As a result, this dermal facial promotes new cell growth. What a plasma injection does is make the body think it is injured which stimulates the release of new cells. This will lead you to have a fresh, younger look.

  • It was earlier used as an orthopedic procedure

While the word may sound new to many of you, vampire facial was actually introduced around 30 years ago. However, it was used only for orthopedic surgeries at that time. It was also known as the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. So, the procedure was used to boost healing by prompting the platelets into a damaged area.

  • It is a natural dermal filler procedure

Most dermal fillers are made of synthetic materials that form a gel that sits under the skin, filling the wrinkles and lines. This gel slowly gets absorbed into the body because of which you may need repeated injections. However, a vampire facial stimulates the body to create fresh tissues and collagen for long-lasting results.

  • It is the best choice for sensitive skin

As mentioned earlier, the vampire facial uses your own blood to stimulate new cell and tissue growth. So, it does not require any invasive procedures, resurfacing, or skin ablation during the process. These factors make it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.

Vampire facial

So, the next time you opt for dermal fillers, make sure to try the vampire facial and get ready to look young and refreshing for a long time!