Vanessa Hudgens and Cole Tucker share first Christmas photos as newlyweds

Vanessa Hudgens Cole Tucker Newlyweds
Credit: Vanessa Hudgens Instagram

Vanessa is trying to perfect her golf swing!

In an unbridled holiday spirit, actress Vanessa Hudgens posted a selfie with her husband Cole Tucker, who she recently met, on a golf course with the ocean and palm trees in the background. Both are dressed in gold attire, with the High School Musical alum sporting a white, collared shirt, and Tucker in a black one, with sun hats and golf gloves to complete the look.

She captioned the photo, “Merry Christmas from us golf obsessed newlyweds to you and yours🎄.”

The couple exchanged vows just a few weeks back at the Azulik Hotel in Mexico on December 2. But that was not the end to their celebrations for 2o23. The couple celebrated Vanessa Hudgens’ birthday on 14th December, on which the Colorado Rockies outfielder made a generous post.

About the strangely hushed wedding the couple had, Hudgens told Vogue, that the weekend was nothing short of being ‘magical.’ People reported that the ‘Beastly‘ actress even went a step further to maintain the wedding’s privacy by confiscating the phones of their guests.

She told Vogue, “Bringing everyone together and celebrating us, it was just so magical,” adding, “Literally talking about it right now, I’m getting teary-eyed. I couldn’t have dreamt it to be any better. I knew it was going to be magical, but it exceeded my expectations.”

The couple first crossed paths on a Zoom call while attending a meditation workshop online organized by Jay Shetty, who later officiated their wedding! Tucker struck a grand proposal from the romance book when he asked Hudgens to be his wife in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2023.

Hudgens told People about the wedding planning process in May, saying, “It’s a big daunting thing — so much goes into it,” adding, “Like Gwen Stefani said, this s— is bananas.”