Viking Wolf Ending explained: What happens to Thale in the end?

Viking Wolf Ending explained: Click at your own risk, spoilers ahead
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Billed as Norway’s first werewolf movie, Viking Wolf made its cut on Netflix on February 3, 2023. Although it has just been a few days since its premiere, the movie has garnered a lot of critical acclaim, not to mention catapulting its own set of myths and theories that add to the cliffhanger conclusion of the movie. Based in a small Norwegian town, this Stig Svendsen’s movie appropriately fits the werewolf myth in the Scandinavian environment.

With a wild wolf on loose, the movie harnesses an infallible amalgamation of modern Scandi-noir media with the werewolf feature. Encircling the life of a teenage girl named Thale Berg (played by Elli Rhiannon Müller Osbourne) who movies to a place called Nybø after her father passed away. In the wake of her father’s demise, Thale’s relationship with her mother (played by Liv Mjönes) is left to totter on the unstable water whose ripples Thale is fated to face and which broadly play throughout the Scandinavian noir thriller. The rising action of the movie begins at a party during the conjunction of Thale and the eponymous beast when the latter has pounced its teeth on a random partygoer and was then dragging her blood-pooled body to death. However, in the course of its savage and indefeasible actions, the wolf also managed to nip Thale.

Originally titled Vikingulven, the movie seems to be the standard Scandinavian police-procedural thriller. Shot in the traditional tranquil rural vista, the movie is contextually set in the conjunction of two conflicting moods, the one exuded from the beautiful and serene rural landscape and the other, the savage, wild and rapacious vibe set by the hungry wolf.

In the movie, Thale’s mother is the exhausted cop in charge, leading the investigation of whatever killed the unfortunate partygoer and attacked her own daughter. The parallel of the strained relationship between mother and daughter strikes the momentum of the story as the investigation advances further. However, everyone has the same question to ask when the credits roll. What happens to Thale in the end?

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Viking Wolf ending explained

Viking Wolf
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*Spoiler alert*

By the end of Viking Wolf, a plethora of unnamed victims has died, especially when Thale runs amok on the bus and throughout the town. Exacerbating this bloody situation are some unidentified bodies in the woods whose culprit is the original werewolf. A teenager named Elin was killed by the first werewolf which increases the tension of the plot. This tension achieves its fruition only when Thale kills Jonas. Additionally, we speculate that the sheriff has died, owing to the sight of the werewolf bite, which leads the unknown individual to take the sheriff off life support at the hospital. With Arthur sustaining a bite or a scratch in the skirmish against Thale, will he also turn into a werewolf?

One of the most emotionally charged scenes in the movie is the conjunction of Thale and her little sister Jenny, whom she is able to recognize even when the latter has turned into a werewolf. This conundrum was confirmed by the viewers when Jenny-turned-werewolf does not attack Thale, which brings us to the most burning question ever since the viewers have observed credits rolling…

What happens to Thale at the end of Viking Wolf?

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Towards the end of the movie, when Liv and the scientist are working together to tranquilize Thale, along with the aid of Jenny, Liv musters up the courage to bring a gun loaded with a silver bullet, signifying the need to euthanize her daughter once and for all. However, the movie never showcases Liv pulling the trigger and the concluding scene features her at home, placing the silver bullet on her bedside table. This implicitly suggests that she could not muster enough courage to kill Thale.

Commenting upon the conclusion of the movie, Netflix Life comments, “Thale is probably still out there somewhere, either still in the lab, or Liv might have taken her and brought her somewhere else. The ending is pretty ambiguous, so anything could have happened to Thale. Maybe there will be a sequel!”

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