Vikings: Valhalla Season 2: Netflix release date and everything else you need to know

Vikings: Valhalla season 2: Netflix release date and everything else you need to know
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A Netflix Original historical drama, Vikings: Valhalla is a spin-off of Vikings, created by Michael Hirst and produced by MGM Productions. Vikings-Valhalla recounts the events that take place one hundred years after the Great Viking leaves for England, led by the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. 

The Viking‘s spin-off is expected to return in 2023. It has also been renewed for a third season. Here’s all the information you need on Vikings: Valhalla season 2 including cast, plot, release date and so forth. 

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When will Vikings: Valhalla season 2 be released on Netflix?

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In November 2022, Netflix officially confirmed that Vikings: Valhalla season 2 would return for all eight episodes on January 12th, 2023 along with the release of new pictures. Not only that, but according to What’s on Netflix, “production is gearing up for season 3 too.” The production on season 3 had reportedly begun in Spring 2022.

In conversation with DigitalSpy, Jeb Stuart mentioned that the season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla will be “very exciting” and added, “my Vikings get out of Scandinavia, so we have lots of great surprises.”

On March 9th, 2022, Netflix confirmed that Vikings: Valhalla has been renewed for two additional seasons, owing to the show’s upfront order of 24 episodes in total.

What can we expect to happen in Vikings: Valhalla season 2?

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Here’s the official synopsis of season 2 of Vikings: Valhalla:

“Season Two finds our heroes shortly after the tragic fall of Kattegat; an event that has shattered their dreams and altered their destinies. Finding themselves suddenly fugitives in Scandinavia they are forced to test their ambitions and courage in worlds beyond the fjords of Kattegat.”

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2022

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 is expected to highlight the life of Leif, who has been bestowed with the ocean of sorrow owing to the Greenlander’s journey to the east. As you might know, the greatest shock that came to Leif was Lif’s death, his lover, whose existence prevented him from becoming his monstrous father, Erik the Red. With her death, Leif, like the Achilles of Illiad, donned a pair of axes with no armor and tore through the entire group of Viking warriors. Season 2 will deal with the repercussions of the new version of Leif.

The new season of Vikings: Valhalla will also centre around Harald Sigurdson, also known as Harald Hardarda. With the unwavering support of King Cnut, Harald’s exploits have turned indelible, but his fate as a king still remains in the dark. In conversation with The Wrap, the actor Leo Suter said, “Harald’s been screwed over. Massively screwed over and what’s more, it’s not just him who’s been screwed over but it’s his loved ones who’ve been screwed over. So that relationship is, as you say, very damaged. And it’s going to take a lot for it to heal. But yeah, there’s certainly been some serious wrongs that have befallen him. So let’s see in Season 2 what happens with that.”

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in September 2022

With the support of his wife and his father, King Cnut is all set to conquer the throne of Denmark and fulfil his vision of a Great Northern Empire. However, England was not known for its ‘Glorious Revolution’ earlier; it was only later that the historic moment was observed. So, the audience can expect relentless ambition to control the actions of the powerful in season 2 and the havoc it wreaks.

How many episodes will be constituted in Vikings: Valhalla season 2?

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Vikings: Valhalla consists of 24 episodes in total which are spread across three seasons. So, the upcoming season is expected to stream eight episodes. In addition to that, George Maniakes, an indelible general of the Byzantine Empire during the 11th century, is also expected to make his appearance during the season. His role will be reprised by Florian Munteanu, who is known as Razor Fist in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 

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