‘Virgin River’ prequel about Mel’s parents in works at Netflix

‘Virgin River’ prequel about Mel’s parents officially in works at Netflix
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An old romance will reignite and find its way back to the picturesque Northern California town. 

The new Instagram announcement confirms that the much-awaited sixth season of ‘Virgin River’ is officially back in production in British Columbia, but the exciting updates don’t stop right here as the creators have also shared details about the prequel series, which will soon be a part of this beloved romantic drama as it will focus the story more towards Mel’s parents, Sarah and Everett. 

With the spinoff series currently in development, Deadline also broke the news that the new series ​​will explore Sarah and Everett’s origin story. The upcoming Season 6 will also provide a glimpse into the duo’s past, featuring young Everett and Sarah in flashback scenes which the fans should have a lookout for as the 10-episode sixth season is slated to release sometime around 2025. 

The outlet has also reported that casting is still underway for some talented actors to play these two characters as they will guest star in Season 6 of Virgin River. Moreover, the spin-off is being written by Virgin River showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, who also shared details about how the new romance will bloom in the show’s next season during a Q&A with Deadline, quote:

“What we’re exploring more in Season 6 is who Everett Reid is, what his backstory is, what his connection to Virgin River was when he met her mom and then also what it is today,” he said, adding that Season 6 will explore the ‘relationship’ of Everett with the town as well as Everett and Mel.”


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If you have streamed Virgin River’s fifth season, then you have already met Mel’s biological father. John Allen Nelson plays Everett in the present day, and he was featured in the Virgin River Christmas special as the last season’s finale premiere. In addition to this, we are yet to see who will be cast as the older version of Sarah, this role is still pending a meaningful appearance on the show.

In the finale cliffhanger, “Father Christmas,” viewers see it was Mel’s sister Joey, who discovered a man’s love letters to their mother that revealed him to be Mel’s biological father. Mel and Jack launched a search that eventually led them to Everett Reid. At first, he wanted nothing to do with Mel but by the end, in a true holiday spirit, he came around and asked to be part of her life.

This jaw-dropping ending left fans speculating what would happen next, many considered that with this major tease, the creators might be setting up the premise to expand the father-daughter relationship for the upcoming season while also delving into his backstory and romance with Mel’s mother which will be elaborated once the spin-off series hits the floor. 

While you wait for more updates, we can only urge the readers to catch up with the prior seasons of ‘Virgin River,’ which are streaming exclusively on Netflix. Also check out the official trailer of the fifth season (below) which shows, “Mel adjusts to a different pace of life, Jack works to grow his business, and the town faces new threats as secrets begin to surface in Virgin River.”

Virgin River: Season 5 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix