Virgin River Season 5: Release date, theories, spoilers, characters that won’t return, plot, trailer, first look and more

Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023
Credit: Netflix

Attention Fans! 

A new trailer has been launched ahead of the premiere date for Virgin River Season 5. Excited? Hop on to find out more. 

It’s finally time for some positive news amidst the sea of series of delays we have been notified of these past few weeks due to the writer’s strike. Our picturesque scenic town is home to the most spectacular doctors, bar-tenders, mothers, heartbreaks, and cliffhanging reveals, at least 11 possible love triangles. It will be back on September 7, 2023, for its 10-episode installment of Season 5. What’s more, we have two bonus episodes of Season 5 on November 30, 2023, making it a 12-episode Season.

This backs up the befuddling cliffhangers that we were left with in Season 4. Ten episodes would not cut it. Hence, a 12-episode run would give us more closure on the 4-season-long questions we are plagued with.

Adding to the tension (and some relief), Netflix has released a few official first looks for Season 5, and fans may be worried about what impending fate will be bestowed upon the townsfolk of Virgin River. Additionally, we have the first new trailer for Virgin River Part 1  on our hands. So lots of discoveries need to be made today. Let’s get straight to it!

Virgin River Season 5 Trailer: Part 1 Released, Plotlines and Spoilers Discovered

Virgin River Season 5 Official Trailer: Has it been released?
Credit: Netflix

*Spoiler Alert*

As the new season arrives, so does a whirlwind of new and enticing plotlines that Season 5 is conditioned to take off from. As the official trailer stresses in the new season, we’ll see surprising new relationships, a shocking break-up, a difficult court trial, a heartbreaking goodbye, and a wildfire that threatens the town, bringing some residents of Virgin River together while tearing others apart. Issues of motherhood push Mel to make a big decision about her future at the clinic while her pregnancy unexpectedly sparks an emotional connection to her past.

To further prove himself to Mel, Jack squares off with some long-overdue confrontations — with his demons and, of course, with Charmaine. And as Doc and Hope’s respective impairments throw their identities into question, the doctor and the mayor must find solace in their community, in their young new family, and in each other. On the other hand, new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith told Tudum when Season 5 began filming that he “couldn’t be prouder to join the Virgin River family. Together with its stellar cast and amazing crew, we’ve got great things in store for our fans worldwide.”

The plot lines from Season 4 will also be addressed in the new season, which is hinted at in that trailer like, What’s going to happen with Vince, Paige, Christopher, and Preacher? What’s Denny’s prognosis? What kind of trouble has Brady gotten himself into this time? And who, exactly, is the father of Charmaine’s babies? In addition to this, Mel is prioritizing her high-risk pregnancy over her job, Preacher is getting a new love, and there’s some actual, literal mudslinging. But, as Hope tells her friends in the trailer, “We will rise from the ashes. That’s the power of the Virgin River.”

“What you can expect from Season 5 is a lot of answers to the questions you have been waiting for,” executive producer and writer Erin Cardillo told Tudum at a set visit last year. Hope’s recovery, Doc’s diagnosis, the Paige situation, Brie and Brady’s relationship — they’re all going to be addressed. Plus, executive producer and writer Richard Keith promised Tudum on the same set visit, “Some new characters are coming to Virgin River this season that will mix things up a bit.” One of those characters is played by Battlestar Galactica’s Kandyse McClure.

Take a look:

Virgin River: Season 5 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Virgin River Season 5 Episodes: List And Count Of Episodes Expected

Virgin River Season 5 Release Date: Are we getting closer to new updates?

The next season is confirmed to have about 12 episodes with a runtime of 40 to 48 minutes, which are expected to be released in two parts, with the first ten episodes premiering this fall streaming season on September 7, 2023, and the remaining two-holiday special episodes premiering on November 30, 2023, as we mentioned above.

Thankfully, we have an episode run-down of Virgin River Season 5 as elicited by What’s On Netflix.

  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 1: A Second Chance – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 2: Songbird – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 3: Calculated Risk – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 4: Never Gonna Be the Same – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 5: Angel’s Peak – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 6: Father Christmas – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 7: The More the Merrier – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 8: From the Ashes – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 9: Full Moon – September 7, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 1 Episode 10: Heroes Rise –  September 7, 2023

And the two holiday special episodes:

  • Season 5 Part 2 Episode 11: Labor Day – November 30, 2023
  • Season 5 Part 2 Episode 12: Trial by Fire – November 30, 2023

By the looks of it, based on the titles, it looks like there will be major twists and unhappy endings this Season. For instance, “Labor Day” sounds like the day Charmine Roberts is expected to give birth to her twins. A notable mention would be the episode called “Angel’s Peak,” which is also the title of one of the novels in Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series( on which the series is based).

The episode titles “Never Gonna Be the Same” and “Trial by Fire” signify a more somber tone, where there seems to be a possibility of someone committing a mistake that is leading to a strain in their relationship. We don’t know for sure who they are about, but we sure do hope it is NOT MEL AND JACK! They deserve their peace.

Commenting on the premise of Virgin River Season 5, Jinny Howe stated,

“I think what’s going to be interesting is to see this universe continue to grow and expand and to see new characters, other characters return. A lot of that was set up in the Season 4 finale but it’s going to be exciting to see all of that come to a head in Season 5. And some of the soap that’s going to come out of these new complex tensions and triangles.”(courtesy of Deadline)

This indicates that our questions by the end of Season 4 will finally be answered in Season 5. The situation-ships created in Season 4 were pretty tough to digest, given that everything and everyone was amusingly interconnected from the beginning. In addition to that, Netflix has confirmed new entries that might add spice to an already hot plate of situations. It might turn out to be the equivalent of opening up a can of worms! In conversation with TUDUM, Richard Keith promised,

“Some new characters are coming to Virgin River this season that will mix things up a bit.”

Breckenridge also told Glamour, “It starts the next morning. So it’s like no time has passed.”

Smith added, “There are a lot of great Easter eggs and breadcrumbs that have been left [from previous seasons], and we are clocking all of them thoughtfully.” That includes a potential visit from Mandy, Jack’s never-before-seen ex-wife.

Breckenridge disclosed to Glamour that the arrival of a new showrunner, writers, and directors would certainly herald more LGBTQ+ stories to induce more inclusivity in the show.

Looks like we have a lot to look forward to. It’s relieving to know that there is just one month left before the story unfolds! Meanwhile, Netflix has successfully amped up the ‘anticipation radar’ for Virgin River Season 5 with the never-seen-before first looks of Season 5.

Let’s take a look.

Virgin River Season 5 Revelations: First Looks

This is the anticipated moment we all have been waiting for. After leaving us in the back-bender for several months, Netflix has finally released a few first looks for the much-awaited Season 5!

Why Does Jack Look So Somber?

Virgin River Season 5 Official Trailer: Has it been released?

By looking at Jack in this tense, we can finally attune to what Alexandra Breckenridge said to New Beauty in an interview about Season 5,

“I think this season has started well and we’re getting into a few episodes soon that are pretty heavy. They’re intense and I think that they’re some of the best episodes we’ve ever done. I never say that either! I think that there’s a high sense of drama that starts to come up this season that it’s going to leave people on the edge of their seats. At least, I hope. I’m excited to get into that.

True enough, Jack looks like he is contemplating something wrong he has done. What is the ‘high sense of drama’ and ‘intense’ thing Alexandra speaking about?

Is something going on between him and Mel? Has a new entry to the season shaken things up a little? But, the logical explanation may seem that Charmaine has confessed who the twins in her impregnated belly belong to since Season 4’s finale scene left us with that cliffhanger. Moreover, as mentioned above, Alexandra hinted at the fact that “It starts the next morning. So it’s like no time has passed.” This implies that he might have learned the name of the father.

Is it Vince? Preacher? or someone who reeks of trouble? Guess we have to find out on 7th September!

Something is Fishy

Virgin River Season 6
Credits: Netflix

Hey! It’s Mel and Jack seated closely on the sofa. But something is missing… A smile! Why do they look so sad?

Is it some truth they were both trying to escape, but their relationship got caught in the middle? Is it because their past has caught up to them, and now there is no way forward together? Or is it because of someone new? Or were they just upset after Mel had mood swings from being pregnant and Jack also lost his cool?

We can’t afford another breakup between them now that Mel is with the child.

Ugh! The suspense is killing us! We will just have to wait and find out, won’t we?

Ah! Mel and Jack are Smiling

Virgin River Season 5 Trailer out: Catch a glimpse of the new season!
Credits: Netflix

We hope this scene comes at a later stage of the season. They seem to be content and happy in each other’s company by the fireplace. We are hoping they are together here!

Mel Seems Happy 

Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

Maybe she is out on a ‘Baby and Mom’ hike, just enjoying the picturesque view of none other than… Virgin River!
A Rekindled Paige-Preacher Romance
Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023
We are counting on it. Preacher and Paige were a cute couple, but Paige came with a lot of baggage from the past, which includes her dead husband(whom she killed), Wes, and their son Christopher. Initially, Paige had to run away from her past and left Christopher behind with Preacher, who took great care of him. Season 4 gave us a scare when we found Paige held at gunpoint by Vince(twin brother of Wes), who wanted her in place of letting her son free. She chose to surrender herself, but Preacher was there to save the day. He knocked Vince unconscious, and that’s the last we saw of him.

However, another romance had set its course between Preacher and Julia(who also happens to be his real-life wife) while Paige was away. But now that Paige is back, will they rekindle their romance? What does fate hold for the Preacher-Julia drawer?

From the looks of it, we think we are being steered in the direction of a rekindled romance between Paige and Preacher.

A Grave Tragedy Unfolds

V R 5 wildfire 2

A forest fire? The whole hill is set ablaze! What ill fate is awaiting the residents of Virgin River?

Alexandria hinted at a more drama-filled heavy episode montage. Will we lose a beloved member of the town? Guess we will have to wait it out!

Hope is Back! 

Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

This picture has us smiling to see Mayor Hope back to resume her duties. This probably means she is recovering from her illness. In context to this, Alexandria stated,

“Virgin River’s mayor Hope will expectantly aid with Lizzie’s help and jump back to her mayoral duties.”

Are Lizzie and Denny Together?

V R 5 LizDenny 1

After their heart-wrenching love story and a grave medical revelation that made us feel sorry for Denny, will we see Lizzie and Denny together?

In Season 4, Denny said he couldn’t be with Lizzie because he could succumb to Huntington’s disease at any time. We progressively saw him affected by this fatal neurological disease, and he was helpless.

So, will they get back together? Will Lizzie help him get through it? Wait and watch!

Doc’s Troubles with the Clinic

Virgin River Season 5 is not coming to Netflix in August 2023

It seems Mel’s predictions on the future of Doc’s clinic are solidifying based on this picture. Initially, his business was suffering. It went downhill when Dr. Cameron left (because he was head over heels for Mel but couldn’t see her with Jack), leaving the hospital short-staffed. Additionally, with Mel’s baby on the way, the hospital might be in the throes of trouble.

It looks like it in this picture!

Brie in Court? 

V R 5 Brie 1 1

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!”

After being raped by Don, who had the guts to convince her to sign an NDA on their relationship! Brie said that even if she had to lose everything, she would fight for justice.

Alexandria confirmed this plotline by saying,

“On a more serious note, in season four, Brie revealed her being raped by her boyfriend to Brady and firmly decided to report her sexual assault and take her former boyfriend-rapist Don to court. Taking this story arc further, we expect the fifth season to cover Brie’s trial and her revealing the assault.”

And now we see her in court! Guess there is some legal drama that is going to play out in the trial, and we only hope Don gets the ultimate punishment he deserves. We can expect some real girl power in this plotline!

A Spa Day for the Virgin River Women

V R 5 GirlGang 2

Ending the first looks on a happy note, we have this heart-warming shot of the Virgin River women bathing their strains away along the scenic beauty of nature and the mountains.

Seems like a fun party to join!

Virgin River Season 5 Cast: Who Will Be Returning And Who Will Not?

Virgin River Season 5: Will there be a big weekend reveal?

The cast for the fifth Season has been confirmed. Here is a list of all the Virgin River members.

Virgin River Season 5 Main Cast: 

  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe
  • Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan
  • Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea
  • Tim Matheson as Dr. Vernon Mullins
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady
  • Zibby Allen as Brie Sheridan
  • Gwynyth Walsh as Jo Ellen
  • Colin Lawrence as John ‘Preacher’ Middleton
  • Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie
  • Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes
  • Nicola Cavendish as Connie
  • Chase Petriw as Christopher
  • Kai Bradbury as Denny Cutler
  • Mark Ghanime as Dr. Cameron Hayek
  • Marco Grazzini as Mike Valenzuela
  • Teryl Rothery as Muriel
  • Steve Bacic as Vince
  • Clare Filipow as Hannah
  • Christina Jastrzembska as Lydie
  • Trevor Lerner as Bert Gordon
  • Lucia Walters as Julia
  • Keith MacKechnie as Nick
  • Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts
  • David Cubitt as Calvin
  • Ian Tracey as Jimmy
  • Tom Butler as Sam Sheridan
  • Emma Oliver as Young Mel

New faces joining the cast: 

  • Susan Hogan(confirmed to join in November 2022)
  • Elise Gatien(confirmed to join in November 2022)
  • Paolo Maiolo(confirmed to join in November 2022)
  • Kandyse McClure- Officially confirmed to join the cast in October 2022, although her role has not been defined just yet

Recurring characters who will be joining us this Season:

  • David Stuart as Reporter Ted Ford
  • Audré Alleya Stephenson
  • Melanie Merkosky
  • Brent Fidler
  • Serge Houde
  • Helenna Santos
  • Gabrielle Jacinto as Nurse Jill
  • Gabrielle Rose
  • John Allen Nelson
  • Deb Podowski
  • Ava Anton as Hazel
  • Brad Harder as Adrian

For more updates on Virgin River Season 5, stay tuned to Web News Observer.