Martin Henderson shares huge Virgin River Season 6 update

'Virgin River' Season 6 will have a lower episode count, a time jump, and much more, with production starting in spring 2024
Credit: Netflix

Exciting news brews behind the scenes of Virgin River, and Martin Henderson has served the piping hot tea that the much-awaited Season 6 is almost wrapping up production.

Henderson, who plays the lead role of Jack Sheridan, shared the welcome update on his Instagram page, which featured his character as well as Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge on the screen which was at a studio. Henderson revealed in the caption that the cast and crew are almost wrapping up filming so the series can move to the post-production process.

Henderson, who is also directing one episode of Season 6 wrote in the caption, “Back in the studio making all things Virgin River just spiffy,” adding, “We are close to wrapping up season 6, and what a ride this one has been. Excited for everyone to see it.” The update was complete with Bill Wither’s “Lovely Day” playing in the background of the post.

The production listings match up with Henderson’s claims because it seems like Season 6 filming will wrap up by May 30, 2024, much to the viewers’ delight. However, will Season 6 be released this year?

Virgin River Season 6 most likely won’t be released in 2024 

Virgin River Season 5 Part 2: Release date confirmed
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If production is wrapping up before the half-year mark hits, what is keeping Season 6 from releasing this year? It is not so much as ‘what’ is stopping the release, but ‘why’ it might not see the light of day this year.

Before the inception of Season 6’s production in February 2024, Deadline had reported that Season 6 of Virgin River could not be located on Netflix’s 2024 release schedule, which makes sense for it not to get a release this year. While it is certainly an intriguing point that even though production will be wrapping up within a month, and the series will not be released this year, there may be a reason behind Netflix’s discrepancies.

Virgin River Season 6: Release date estimate, production status, synopsis, expected cast members and more
Credits: Netflix

Or it is just that Netflix’s schedules for the year are already jam-packed with highly-anticipated and promised series, that they did not allot space to Virgin River. It is justified because the final Part of Season 5 was released in December 2023, while series like Cobra Kai, Emily in Paris, Squid Game, The Night Agent, Outer Banks, Heartstopper, The Umbrella Academy, Arcane, That ’90s Show, and many more are on the way later this year have been waiting for over a year for its release. Hence, it is only fair that the Virgin River fans wait it out a while longer.

Hence, we can expect the positive arrival of Season 6 on Netflix at the beginning of 2025. Alongside Henderson and Breckenridge, other cast members who are confirmed to join the sets include Colin Lawrence, Annette O’Toole, Zibby Allen, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Tim Matheson, Sarah Dugdale, Kai Bradbury, Kendyse McClure, Marco Grazzini, and Mark Ghanim.

The first five seasons of Virgin River are streaming on Netflix now.