Virginia Shelter finds 2 abandoned dogs at same dumpster this year: ‘What is happening?’


Animal abandonment and abuse are growing rampant by the minute, and new and ghastly stories are making headlines. Animal shelters are overflowing with injured, unwanted pets, and there isn’t much money to keep up with the medical bills and keep the place running. Shelter owners do everything they can to provide for the abandoned pets.

People reported an incident whereby a Virginia animal shelter is expressing magnified concern over a peculiar and mortifying incident that took place this year. In a Deja Vu incident of sorts, two dogs were found abandoned in the same place this year, raising alarm over pet houses and the way they do not consider the consequences before dumping their pets next to the trash and leaving them there hungry and petrified for someone to come rescue them.

In July, Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) posted an update on Facebook where they shared an incident whereby a dog was abandoned at an apartment complex near them. Then, in October, they updated the Facebook post where they informed the viewers that another dog was abandoned in the exact same place(via People).

According to People, the RACC wrote on their social media post under the picture of the abandoned 4-month-old female Pitbull puppy, “This is the second time we’ve found a dog in this exact location and situation. What is HAPPENING?!?” adding, “Help us FIND the person(s) responsible for abandoning their dog like trash.”

RACC also wrote in its earlier post of another dog abandoned in July in the same place where the pitbull was found this month, “We are going to say this again. Out loud. It is NEVER ok to abandon your dog in a crate next to the dumpster, discarded like trash,” adding, “You would think this is something we would never have to say, but we’ve found dogs like this (alive and dead) more times this year than we care to share.” They also emphasized that they were “TIRED of cleaning up the fallout from citizens’ awful decisions,” RACC added, “We are heartbroken for these animals who trusted their owners that failed them.”

The public plea to their social media followers ended with a “PLEASE STOP!” Rightfully so, given that it is not the animal shelter’s responsibility to shoulder the burden of indecisive and irresponsible people who designate themselves as pet parents.