VIVIZ becomes first-ever Korean girl group to perform at the Grammys Global Spin

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We have a piece of good news for all the VIVIZ fans. The popular K-pop group is all set to perform at the Grammy’s digital series titled the Global Spin. It was on April 22, 2022, that it was officially announced about SinB, Eunha, and Umji were performing their debut track titled BOP BOP. It is for their performance series that was scheduled for April 26, 2022. With this, they have created a whole new record that has left the fans excited.


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VIVIZ’s record

VIVIZ has become the fourth K-pop artist to perform at the Grammys show after B.I, Seori, and ATEEZ. It also makes them the first-ever Korean girl group to do so. Previously, the members of the popular K-pop group became the first girl group to be interviewed for the Mini Masterclass of Grammys. It happened when all of them were a part of the group GFRIEND.

About Grammys Global Spin

The Grammys Global Spin series is an effort on the part of the Recording Academy as it aims to promote various notable global music while showing acceptance towards the diversity witnessed in music around the world. The members of VIVIZ will reportedly wear a hanbok that will be designed by Hwang Yi Seul, a popular modern hanbok designer, in front of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul.

If reports are to be believed, an official from the Global Spin’s production team has praised VIVIZ’s performance, saying it is cool and unbelievable. The performance is all set to be released on the official website of the Grammys and all other social media platforms.



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The members of VIVIZ debuted on February 9, 2022. They comprised the former GFRIEND members, including SinB, Eunha, and Umji. Did you know that the group’s name is an abbreviation for VIVID dayZ? While the meaning of the name VIVID is intense and clear, the name dayZ signifies nothing else but days. Apart from that, it is also an abbreviation for the names of the members Eunbi (Eunha), SinB, and Umji, which is pronounced as bibiji in Korean. Their first extended play was titled Beam of Prism.

The girl group is signed with BPM entertainment and has created a sensation ever since their debut earlier this year. The group also made their broadcast debut on Mnet’s M Countdown, scheduled on February 10, 2022. Not only that, but VIVIZ also won their first-ever music show award within a week of their debut.