Watcher: Release date, trailer, plot, cast and more about the paranoid thriller

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You’re in your home, the place where one feels the safest. In your gut, you know those four walls are going to keep you sheltered from the outside world and any dangers it possesses. But what if in the vicinity of that very place, you find yourself being watched by someone who doesn’t show themselves but you know they are always there. You feel their eyes piercing your body and yet you are unable to figure out who they are.

You think twice before opening your windows because you are afraid those eyes will be on you again. You look twice before going on the road, afraid of who might be following you and what all they can do to you if you dropped your guard down even slightly. Got shivers down your spine? 

You will feel all this happening when you’ll hit the theatres to watch the upcoming thriller, Watcher

Watcher Release Date

Credits: IFC Midnight

Watcher will premiere in theaters on June 3, 2022, and will release on Shudder later, the date for which hasn’t been announced yet. 

Watcher Trailer

The trailer has an extremely eerie vibe to it, a constant feeling that says something is going to go wrong. The effective use of background sounds adds to that very uncomfortable feeling. The minimal use of hard lights including the sun has given a depth and a subtle coldness of some kind.

The trailer follows Julia, an American and clearly a new resident of a completely foreign nation. The protagonist is shown to have a very limited social circle, perhaps due to her lack of local linguistic skills, which leaves her with a lot of time with herself. As said an empty mind can be a devil’s workshop, Julia starts clinging to her feeling of being stalked by someone with not-so-noble plans. Is all of it real or is it just some kind of paranoia?

Watcher - Official Teaser Trailer | HD | IFC Midnight

Watcher Plot

Julia, a former American actress, moves to Bucharest along with her boyfriend Francis. Julia doesn’t know the local language so she finds herself on her own all the time while Francis is off to work. With time, Julia starts feeling that a particular neighbor from the building across theirs is constantly watching her. She has no idea of who the person is, but she’s sure that she’s being watched and maybe even followed. All of it is much more grave when there’s a serial killer on the loose. 

Watcher Cast

IFC Midnight
  • Maika Monroe plays Julia

Maika is an acclaimed horror actor. She is well known for starring in the thriller The Guest (2014), the sci-fi thriller Tau (2018), and the psychological thriller Greta (2018).

  • Karl Glusman plays Francis

Was last seen as Eppstein in Greyhound. He has also appeared in The Neon Demon (2016) and Nocturnal Animals (2016).

  • Burn Gorman plays Daniel Weber

Gorman has worked in titles like Torchwood, The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Game of Thrones (2013–2014), Pacific Rim (2013) and its sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018), Turn: Washington’s Spies (2014), and The Man in the High Castle.

  • Madalina Anea plays Irina
  • Daniel Nuta plays Cristian
  • Cristina Deleanu plays Eleanora
  • Tudor Petrut plays Taxi Driver