Wednesday Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in 2023

Wednesday Season 2: Is it coming to Netflix in 2023?
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An infallible amalgamation of dark comedy and romance, The Addams Family spin-off has left people twiddling their thumbs post its first season. Hailed as the record-breaking Netflix series that secured the #1 position twice and exceeded over 752,000,000 million hours, Wednesday has become quite a sensation on its own, as you can see.

It would have been surprising if the show wasn’t renewed at all. However, we do know that Netflix seldom surprises its audience in this way. Renewed on January 6, 2023, the creators revealed that they are “thrilled to continue Wednesday’s torturous journey into season two.”

Tim Burton’s directorial debut, Wednesday, piqued the excitement of the readers the moment Netflix released the first look of Jenna Ortega in the iconic Gothic costume of Wednesday Addams. Tim Burton is associated with the project as both a producer and a director.

That being said, fans are now exceedingly worried about the future of the show owing to the strikes, the latest being the SAG AFTRA strike that will indubitably impact the production status of the show.

But that is no reason to be down in the dumps because we have compiled all the information we could get about Wednesday season 2, and here we are supplying those crumbs of information to you in this article. Continue reading more about Wednesday season 2.

Wednesday Addams | Season 2 Announcement | Netflix

Wednesday season 2 is not coming to Netflix in 2023

Wednesday Season 2: Release date estimate, production status, synopsis, expected cast members and more about this Addams Family spin-off
Credits: Netflix

In June 2023, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas updated the fans regarding the possible production schedule of the record-breaking Netflix comedy series at the Spanish Grand Prix. Douglas revealed that he’s currently ceased to work, while Zeta-Jones shared that production is aimed to start later this fall or, at the latest, by the end of the year.

Given that the production on Wednesday season 2 has not begun yet, we don’t expect the show to arrive on Netflix this year or in the next year as well. However, this release window can be pushed further owing to the WGA and SAG AFTRA. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that a fair deal is reached by the end of this year so we may get to watch our favorite shows by at least the end of next year.

Earlier, on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jenna Ortega said that a writers’ room had been put together and discussed where the new season would go. Considering that the season has not even begun the pre-production process, it’s going to be some time before we know what it is going to focus on.

Speaking to Variety, Ortega revealed the exhausting filming schedule of season one, wherein she was “hysterically crying” on Facetime. She said, “I did not get any sleep. I pulled my hair out,” Ortega said. “There’s so many FaceTime calls that my dad answered of me hysterically crying.” Hopefully, the second season’s filming schedule will be a bit more relaxing for the actress.

Can we expect any latest update on Wednesday season 2 in August 2023?

Wednesday Season 2: Impact of the strike explained
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At the time of writing this article, there are no latest updates regarding Wednesday season 2. In July, however, Jenna Ortega, who plays the eponymous character of the series, won the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2023 Emmys!

Recently, some rumors have taken flight that suggests that Lady Gaga will be joining the cast for Wednesday season 2. However, these are not confirmed as of yet. This new addition will be a major headline for all of the news outlets. It seems that we’ll have to wait a while before we have a confirmation.

No matter who, we do know that a new member is joining the Addams family soon. During the TUDUM event of 2023, when Emma Meyers, Hunter Doohan, and Joy Sunday were reading off fan theories, they confirmed a theory that a new member was joining. Who do you think will that be? Comment below!

Recently, while talking to Elle, Ortega revealed that in addition to starring as Wednesday Addams in the new season, she will also be serving as a producer in it. Initially, certain rumors circulated informing that Wednesday season 2 is canceled or it is moving to Amazon Prime Video. However, these rumors were dispelled when Netflix announced the renewal of the second season.

What to expect from Wednesday Season 2?

Wednesday Season 2: How long is the wait?
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In Season 1 of Wednesday, we saw Tyler in chains, transported to a maximum security prison or even a psychiatric ward. But before he could be completely transported to the prison, Tyler donned his Hyde form, letting the audience assume that he killed all the armed guards. What will happen now with Tyler on the loose?

Season 1 also left on a sad note of Larissa Weems’ demise. As a result, everyone is left wondering who will become the principal of Nevermore Academy. The first choice can be Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother, who was formerly a student of Nevermore and a member of the Nightshades. However, if our assumption is right, then Catherine Zeta-Jones will be updated as a series regular. Wednesday was also seen defeating Jeremiah Crackstone, who was resurrected by Laurel. However, knowing that Laurel is the master of Tyler, there is a chance that Tyler could join hands with her, and that could end badly for Nevermore and the outcasts.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Tyler actor Hunter Doohan explained his contentions about the fate of his character. He said, “I do think he escaped at the end. When I read that on the page, I was so excited. I was like: ‘Come on, don’t be dead, don’t be dead.”

In addition, he remarked on which version of his (good or bad) the viewers might catch a glimpse of in the second season. He said, “I think he was being controlled by Miss Thornhill. Then he had to go manipulate Wednesday to carry out their plan, and I think he did a pretty good job with it.”

On a more romantic front, we see Wednesday ensnared in a love triangle in the first season, with the fans siding with Enid as a more suitable partner to the eponymous heroine of the play. Speaking to Variety, Emma Myers, who is reprising the role of Enid Sinclair, provided an insight into her mind and how she thinks the romantic arc of Wednesday should be crafted in the second season, saying:

“Anything is possible in the show. We haven’t really spoken about direction at all, so I don’t really know what the game plan is for anything. As far as love interests go for Wednesday, I feel like at least for a second season, she needs to take her season of singleness. She just had a whole fiasco with her men, she’s got to lay it off for a little bit. I would be deterred from dating anybody if I had gone through that.”

In addition, Collider also contends that “Given the way the season wrapped, it would make sense for Wednesday to go into season 2 single. On the other hand, a relationship between Enid and Wednesday could be a brilliant stroke as well. The pair are polar opposites and Enid hopefully might be able to bring Wednesday out of her shell some more, but it would also go a long way to offer much-needed representation as well.”

However, in a very recent Variety interview with Elle Fanning, Jenna Ortega revealed that Wednesday season 2 had discarded a majority chunk of romance from its plot and, in place of it, added more horror. The actress reiterated the idea in the “Actors on Actors” series, where she told Fanning, “We’re ditching any romantic love interest for Wednesday, which is really great.”

Based on these comments, it seems that Xavier’s part in Wednesday season 2 will be reduced. Owing to Percy Hynes White’s controversy and the controversy related to his character, many doubt whether Xavier will return in Wednesday season 2 at all.

The showrunners also have some insight to share when it comes to Wednesday season 2. In conversation with TVLine, the showrunners expressed their intention to explore the Addams family’s relationships in depth. Not only that, but they also emphasized the idea of Wednesday trying to “forge her own path outside the family.”

In conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the showrunners revealed what the fans could expect to happen in Wednesday season 2, saying:

“We wanna sort of explore and sort of complicate all of those relationships going forward. The school was closed when they left, which gave us the most possibilities for season two, and I think that’s something that we’re excited to explore. For us, the show also is really about this female friendship, with Wednesday and Enid really being at the center of that. The fact that they really connected with audiences, it has been really gratifying. So, we’re excited to explore now that Wednesday’s dipped her toe into the friendship pool, what’s that gonna look like? It’s like, she hugged. That was her big arc for the season, right? So it’s like now, we do that. Then, the other thing that’s really interesting is to continue to explore the Wednesday-Morticia mother-daughter relationship as well, which now that Morticia knows about the power, it has given her sort of an idea of how that’s going to go. How is their relationship going to evolve?”

Jenna Ortega, who plays the eponymous heroine, confessed that she wants the new season to focus more on the horror and not digress much on the romantic plotline in her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She wants the character to ground her individuality and “fight her own crimes.”

Who are the expected cast members of Wednesday Season 2?

Wednesday Season 2: Is it coming to Netflix in 2023?
Credits: Netflix

The following list of cast members is expected to be featured in Wednesday Season 2:

  • Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
  • Riki Lindhome as Dr. Valeria Kinbott
  • Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin
  • Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin
  • Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe
  • Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair
  • Moosa Mostafa as Eugene Ottinger
  • Joy Sunday as Bianca Barclay
  • Georgie Farmer as Ajax Petropolus
  • Naomi J. Ogawa as Yoko Tanaka
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams
  • Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams
  • Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester
  • Victor Dorobantu as Thing
  • George Burcea as Lurch
  • Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams

In addition to the above-mentioned list of cast members, the possible member joining is Christina Ricci’s Ms. Thornhill, owing to the lack of achievement of her ambitions. Not only her but Gwendoline Christie’s Larissa Weems could also make a possible return, although she died in the first season. But don’t you think there was something nebulous about her death?

In a conversation with Digital Spy, Christie said, “We haven’t seen her put in the ground, have we? I feel like Larissa Weems would not really be prepared to entertain or be dominated by anything as commonplace as death.”

How many seasons will Wednesday have?

Wednesday Season 2 is not coming to Netflix in July 2023

At the time of writing, Netflix only has one season of Wednesday, which is available for streaming, and the second season is currently in the works. The showrunners and producers of the show, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, confirmed that they are planning to have three or four seasons of the series while speaking to Variety.

They said, “For us, it’s always looking at the future, and when we sit down to create a show, it’s looking at multiple seasons, ideally. That’s never expected, but that’s the anticipation that hopefully, the show is successful. So you always lay out at least three or four seasons’ worth of potential storylines for the characters.”

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to stream the second season of Wednesday on Netflix? Do drop your answers in the comment section given below!

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