What happens if you use a hair straightener daily? Find out

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Your personality has a sleek, polished appearance when your hair is ironed. Some women like to always have straight hair since it gives the appearance of a thinner face. With the hair ironed, the entire personality appears to change a bit and especially if you have unmanageable curly hair. Nowadays, most women consider it a standard practice to straighten their hair before leaving the house.

However, there is a cost associated with everything excellent, and straight hair is no exception. Continuous use of heated straightening irons can make your hair appear dry and worsen its existing damage. You can get gorgeous silky hair by straightening your hair, but your hair’s health could not benefit from it, though. Therefore, be informed of the side effects of hair straightening before undergoing the procedure.

These days, hair styling and fashion both include hair straightening. It is also true that applying heat and chemicals to hair for the process might damage it. Straightening your hair causes more harm than good to your hair. Therefore, you should be informed of the possible harm that having your hair straightened might do to you.

Dry scalp

straight hair 3Regular hair straightening makes your hair looks dull and even makes your scalp dry. It may get abnormally dry as a result of the straightening irons’ heat entirely evaporating the moisture from it. The hair follicles, which are decreased by the ironing process, interfere with the scalp’s natural ability to create oil. The symptoms of dryness, itching, and flaking appear as the scalp’s moisture content begins to decline.

Reduces hair growth

The hair cuticles are damaged as a result of regular straightening, which stops hair development. The rate of hair growth is slowed down.

Regular hair fall problem

stright 2 1The use of heat and chemicals might weaken the hair follicles, which will start to cause hair to come out.

Permanent hair loss

Permanent hair loss is one of the major dangers of straightening your hair. Frequent use of chemicals and hair straightening irons can harm hair follicles permanently and lead to irreversible hair loss.

If you are too addicted to straightening your hair every day before stepping outside, even after knowing about its possible effect on your hair health, then you must at least follow these rules in order to protect your hair from severe damage.

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  1. Your quality of hair should be your prime focus if you value its quantity. Investing in a high-quality hair product straightener is always a good idea if you want to stop hair loss. You must also be able to adjust the temperature on your ironing board. Consult your hair professional for advice. Ask for characteristics you need to choose that will be useful for daily use. Do not compromise on the value of hair for the price.
  2. For heat resistance, Sprays and serums are designed specifically. After conducting a thorough study, you must select heat protectors that are of the highest quality. It might save your hair from damage.
  3. A moisturizer-based conditioner and shampoo that shield your hair from damage brought on by frequent ironing should be used to wash your hair every day or every other day.
  4. Oil your hair every time before washing them. It will help your dry scalp recover, which has been affected by regular ironing.