6 Things you should never do after a breakup

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Romantic rejections are really painful and hurtful and someone who doesn’t understand this might actually be a cold person. The pain a person feels during heartbreak is as painful as the pain of a physical injury but what makes it even worse is that it lasts for an even longer time.

The healing process after a breakup usually does take as much time as it actually wants and you cannot do much about it but what you can do is try to avoid these mistakes to make the healing process after a breakup a bit easier.

1. Don’t idealize the person who left you


If your heart has been broken by someone, if your relationship with someone has ended it was all for a reason, it all had some meaning to it and the relationship was not as ideal as you supposed it to be. So, don’t just dwell on the good memories and don’t just romanticize the person you were with if you really want to get over the breakup and don’t want it to be such a painful process.

2. Don’t keep thinking about your mistakes

Maybe you made some mistakes in the relationship which even resulted in the breakup, but you need to learn from them and forgive yourself. There is no chance that it is only because of your mistake that the relationship ended because if it would have been meant to be if they were really the one for you, and if you two loved each other enough you would have gotten over that mistake. So, just try and stay away from that guilt trip.

3. Don’t damage your self-esteem

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When you faced a breakup you already have a hurting ego and self-esteem and you should not make it worse by having more negative talks with yourself. Try to be compassionate to yourself as you are already going through a lot and self-love and compassion are all you need right now to make the process less hurtful.

4. Don’t share their secrets with others

Do you want to be the bad guy? If not, you should know that no matter how hurt you are or no matter what your ex has done you should not be talking bad about them. You are not the person who would go around spilling secrets of the person who hurt them. You are a way better person than this. But still, if you need you to need to let things out and talk about all this to someone you can confide in your therapist for that. 

5. Don’t neglect your physical health

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The sadness and helplessness after a breakup make you lose all your urges to work on your physical self. It forces you to sulk the whole day and not leave your bed anytime which is one of the worst things you should continue doing. You should muster up your courage and start working on your physical health.

6. Don’t bottle up your emotions

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After a breakup people usually don’t grieve properly, they don’t let their emotions out and therefore end up struggling with them for a very long time which is even more painful to them. Therefore, no matter what you feel you should not shy away from expressing it, you may not like talking to someone then you could go for writing in your diary which also counts the same as talking to someone.