What time will ‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Season 2 air?

‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Season 2: Everything to know about the hit reality series
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The fun ride in the dunes of Dubai is about to take a wild turn! 

Just in time to increase the heat in the City of Gold, The Real Housewives of Dubai” are making their highly-awaited comeback with the second season, which is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, June 2, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo and later on Peacock. The fun of watching all the new episodes is just beginning because this time around there’s a much bigger fish to fry!  

Picking up right where the first season left off, the fans will witness some new alliances forming as old friendships break apart. Looking at the first official look dropped by Bravo, the next season is brewing up major drama within the ladies, which is promising to be better than ever before as it will bring forth a new side to the biggest reality series currently airing on television.

It’s fair to say that the fans are in for a rollercoaster ride as the beloved housewives are trying to find a balance with the new dynamics in the group, which will make them question their loyalty to each other in the fresh season. Moreover, the conflicts seem to be on the brink of exploding within their personal lives, as they will be facing their demanding family and their ever-growing successful businesses.

Check out the official teaser of “Real Housewives of Dubai” Season 2, below: 

SNEAK PEEK: Your First Look at The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2! | RHODubai | Bravo

Are special bonds being left in the desert dust?

The temperature will skyrocket with some big cat fights between former besties, which will erupt the vicious cycle of jealousy, causing some nasty verbal confrontations, for which the viewers will unarguably be on the lookout. After all, millions of eyes are set on the scorching girl drama, and the “Real Housewives of Dubai” are here to serve the best of both worlds, even if it’s for the worst.

After a year-long hiatus, the new season will follow Caroline Stanbury as she and her husband, Sergio Carrallo, continue to build their dream home in Dubai. But just like any other couple, they will be faced with major tension when the couple must decide if they’re ready to expand their family or if this decision will become a deal-breaker for their relationship. 

The fans will also witness one of the most heartbreaking fallouts in this season! Once Caroline Stabury and Chanel Ayan agree to set their differences aside and raise their hands towards a new friendship. Their sudden closeness will trigger some of their co-stars, especially Ayan’s former bestie, Lesa Mila, who doesn’t seem to be fond of the two getting closer together. 

To say the least, the housewives have explored enough of the most glamorous city in the first season, and now the time has arrived for them to step up their game by getting a reality check filled with all the ups and downs in life. The girls have become the breakout stars they always wanted to be, and as a result, the fans will now get to see some of their well-kept secrets coming to light.

Take a listen to how the ladies have summed up this season in just two words:


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Which housewives are confirmed to return?

Days ahead of the season premiere, Bravo has released the official tagline video of the castmates, which gives the audience a look at which fiery ladies are coming back to set the tone for the second season. And to say the least, the promo has worked like a charm to create buzz, as the spicy taglines have been some of the most revealing ones within the franchise.

Following a triumphant first season, Sara Al Madani, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan, and Caroline Stanbury are all confirmed to return for their sophomore season, except for Nina Ali, who has already made an exit from the show. She shared the news with her followers on Instagram, writing, “I’ll be moving my attention away from the show to allow myself the space to focus on new challenges.”

In the “RHODubai” Season 2 taglines promo, Caroline Stanbury makes the first appearance by saying, “The only thing old about me, darling, is my money,” which straight up confirms that she is not the one to mess with. Coming in as a direct competition, her fellow housewife, Sara Al Madani, is also dancing on the same tune, as her tagline reads, “In the land of excess, I find my riches within.”


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On the other hand, Caroline Brooks’ tagline is just what the season needed as she is gearing to face every challenging situation even if her friend turns into frenemies, “I may be building glass houses, but you’ll never see me crack.” Continuing her journey from the first season, Lesa Milan also seems to be ready with her quick wit as in her tagline she quips, “The desert might be hot, but I always find the shade.”

Chanel Ayan comes in last, but her tagline is not the least bit boring, because just like her strong personality, the Kenyan supermodel and businesswoman will not be taking any ill talk from others. “If you’re jealous of me, that’s OK, honey. I would be, too.” These aren’t the only bombshells revealed; in an exciting supertease, the aforementioned ladies will be meeting a new addition in Season 2!

Taleen Marie is joining the elite group as one of the leading housewives; all thanks to her connection with Caroline Brook. She has been cast as a replacement for Nina Ali after she left the show with her memorable appearance in the first season. Moreover, her official tagline, “Take it from me, if you know how to stay chill, you’ll never get burned,” has already made her one of the best newcomers to bring forth her “classy” persona.

Check out the complete “RHODubai” Season 2 taglines in the video below: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Saba Yussouf make an appearance in the new season?

Saba Yussouf has been confirmed to join the cast as one of the “friends of the housewives.” 

Will Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 change its time slot?

After the season premiere airs on Sunday, June 2, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, the show will move to its regular Tuesday night timeslot at 9 p.m. ET starting June 11, 2024. 

How many episodes will “RHODubai” Season 2 have?

Keeping in line with the first season, the second season is expected to include at least 14 episodes.

Who are the executive producers of Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2?

The show is produced by Truly Original, with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jamie Jakimo, Leola Westbrook-Lawrence, and Tamara Najm Coudurier serving as executive producers, alongside Andy Cohen as the executive producer.

Will there be Real Housewives of Dubai Season 3?

As of writing this, no renewal for a third season has been confirmed by Bravo. 

Is the show connected to “The Real Housewives” franchise?

Yes, it has been developed as the eleventh installment of “The Real Housewives” franchise which has led to 27 spin-off series with the most successful one being “Vanderpump Rules.”

Where to watch Real Housewives of Dubai Season 1?

The entire first season is available to stream on NBC for free. Furthermore, the series is also made available to buy or rent through Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play, based on the user’s location.