What’s coming to Netflix US this week?

Credits: Netflix

Throughout this month, Netflix will be releasing a very long list of shows and movies which will keep all of our inner binge-watches up all night. So we are here to help you keep track of what comes out when.

Here’s the list of every movie, series, documentary, animation, and more that will be hitting the streaming platform this week. So go through the list below and get ready to ‘Netflix and Chill’:

May 9:

  • Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War (2022) 

Anime Film | Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War | Official Trailer | Netflix Anime

Directed by: Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki

Cast: Motoko Kusanagi, Daisuke Aramaki, Batou, Togusa, Ishikawa, Saito, Paz and more

The series is set eleven years after the events of Solid State Society, where an economic disaster entirely sabotaged the use of any kind of currency, thus starting a ‘Sustainable War’ among the four big nations of the world in order to keep the economy going. In the chaos, intelligence agencies like Public Security Section 9 too lost any relevance hence making the agents contract themselves out as private mercenaries under the group “GHOST”. Things took a turn more south when Pst-humans started emerging and secrets are coming to light.

May 10:

  • Outlander (Season 5)

Outlander | Season 5 Official Trailer | STARZ

Directed by: Stephen Woolfenden, Jamie Payne, Meera Menon, Annie Griffin

Cast: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Lauren Lyle, and more

With the conflict at every step, Claire and Jamie try to put their best efforts to build a new life on Fraser’s Ridge in the young colonies as their family gets united again. However, has it ever been that easy for the couple? No. It’s going to stay the same way for the foreseeable future and the two will find themselves making multiple difficult choices irrespective of what they want. 

  • Workin’ Moms (Season 6) 

Season 6 trailer | Workin' Moms

Directed by: Yael Staav

Cast: Katherine Barrell, Philip Sternberg, Sarah McVie, Ryan Belleville, Peter Keleghan, and more

The series follows four extremely different women namely Kate Foster, Anne Carlson, Jenny Matthews, and Sloane Mitchell. All four are working moms in their thirties and they sail through their jobs, family, and lives while being at each other’s back despite their differences. 

May 11:

  • 42 Days of Darkness / 42 días en la oscuridad (Season 1) 

42 días en la oscuridad | Tráiler Oficial | Netflix

Directed by: Gaspar Antillo, Claudia Huaiquimilla

Cast: Néstor Cantillana, Amparo Noguera, Julia Lübbert, Daniel Alcaíno, Pablo Macaya and more

The series follows the struggles of a woman in her path to find the whereabouts of her missing sister. However, it is going to be one tough fight where the negligence of the law enforcers and institutions and the harassment by the media will be projected in its most cruel form. 

  • Brotherhood (Season 2) 

Brotherhood: Season 2 Trailer

Directed by: Ed Bianchi, Alik Sakharov, Michael Corrente and more

Cast: Jason Clarke, Jason Isaacs, Fionnula Flanagan, Annabeth Gish, Ethan Embry, and more

Set in the 90s, the story follows Cristina, a going-by-the-book lawyer who finds that her brother is in jail for years as he is the leader of a huge criminal faction. She is forced to become an informant and embed hers in her brother’s organization by the law enforcers. But it won’t be that easy for her and especially when her own brother is involved on the opposite side. 

  • Operation Mincemeat (2022) 

Operation Mincemeat - Official Trailer - Warner Bros. UK & Ireland

Directed by: John Madden

Cast: Colin Firth, Jason Isaacs, Kelly Mcdonald, Matthew McFayden

Operation Mincemeat was a military deception operation carried out by Allied Forces during World War II. The aim was to transfer Axis troops to Greece by faking an attack on Greece whereas the main target was actually Sicily’s liberation. The mission was successful as Hitler fell right into the trap and moved his troops to Greece and didn’t leave enough manpower to defend Sicily.

  • Our Father (2022) 

Our Father | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by: Lucie Jourdan

Cast: Dr. Donald Cline (in archive footage), Bri Ana Wagner, Simone-Élise Girard, Islam Moawad, Keith Boyle

The documentary follows Dr. Donald Cline, a once well-respected fertility doctor in the Indianapolis region who fathered more than 50 children in the 70s and 80s by replacing sperm in his fertility clinic with his own. He pulled it off on people who wanted anonymous donors and those who gave their own samples alike. None of which came to light till 2014 when one of his ‘children’ took an online DNA test and found lists of half-siblings. 

  • The Getaway King (2022) 

THE GATEWAY Trailer (2021)

Directed by: Mateusz Rakowicz

Cast: Dawid Ogrodnik, Robert Wieckiewicz, Rafal Zawierucha

Set in the last days of communism in Poland, the film is an action crime comedy and follows the story of a folk-hero thief, who escaped 29 times from cops. Everything was going well with Nevaro but along with the Berlin Wall, his whole life came crashing down. 

May 12:

  • MaveriX (Season 1) 

MaveriX Season 1 🏍 | NEW Series Official Trailer | Netflix After School

Directed by: Ian Watson, Isaac Elliott, Geoff Bennett, 

Cast: Darcy Tadich, Tatiana Goode, Sam Winspear-Schillings, Tjiirdm McGuire, Sebastian Tang

The series follows a group of junior motocross riders who are selected for the first ever MaveriX Academy inthe home of dirtbike racing in Australia, Alice Springs. The academy gives them the chance to join a professional racing team, the condition being that all the six riders will push their limits as much as they can. Along with the sport, the kids will go through factors like friendships, puberty, feelings, passion, winning, and losing. 

  • Savage Beauty (Season 1) 

Savage Beauty | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by: Denny Y. Miller, Thati Pele, Rea Rangaka

Cast: Rosemary Zimu, Dumisani Mbebe, Nthati Moshesh, Jesse Suntele, Oros Mampofu, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, and more

Zinhle Manzini, a model is named the face of a legendary cosmetics brand, Benghu Beauty. And subsequently gets invited by the heads of the beauty brand, Don and Grace Benghu to live in their lavish “Benghu House”. Slowly Manzini embeds herself in all of their lives as well as the company, and clearly not unintentionally. Seems like Manzini too has a secret of her own, because of which she plans to expose the secrets of the family and the company before her cover gets blown. 

May 13:

  • Bigger Than Africa (2022)

Bigger Than Africa

Directed by: Toyin Ibrahim Adekeye

Spanning over six countries- USA, Nigeria, Brazil, Republic of Benin, Trinidad and Tobago, and Cuba, the documentary Bigger than Africa follows the culture of Yoruba that survived the slave trade era and the plantations and till date dominates all other Cultures of Africa. The documentary explores and tries to find the very reasons why this specific culture prevailed while others succumbed to the atrocities. 

  • Bling Empire (Season 2) 

Bling Empire: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by: Paris Dylan

Cast: Anna Shay, Kelly Mi Li, Kane Lim, Dorothy Wang, Christine Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, Guy Tang, Cherie Chan

The Netflix original reality series follows the lives of wealthy East Asians and East Asian-American socialites from Los Angeles, bringing about all the glam, luxury, style, and of course unlimited drama. Following is the official synopsis released by Netflix of the series:

Los Angeles’s beloved uber-rich Asians are back with even more luxury, glamor, and crazy. This season, a romance between Kevin and Kim percolates, Cherie and Jessey’s relationship is questioned, and as Kane and Kevin’s best bud friendship is tested, Beverly Hills’s rivaling queens, Christine and Anna, put a new twist on the art of social warfare. But through it all, the one thing these friends hold dearest to their hearts is their love for each other…and of course, impeccable style.

  • Senior Year (2022) 

SENIOR YEAR starring Rebel Wilson | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by:  Alex Hardcastle

Cast: Rebel Wilson, Justin Hartley, Sam Richardson, Zoë Chao, Avantika Vandanapu, Mary Holland, Chris Parnell and more

In the year 2002, high-school cheerleader Stephanie Conway falls from height during one of her performances and suffers a head injury. Subsequently, she falls into a coma before her senior prom. Fast-forwarding 20 years, she suddenly wakes up in the hospital and discovers that she is now a 37-year-old woman. Despite the reluctance of her parents, Steph re-enrolls herself in the school in order to finish her high school diploma. 

  • The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri (Season 1) 

The Life and Movies of Erşan Kuneri | Official Trailer | Netflix

Directed by: Cem Yilmaz

Cast: Nilperi Sahinkaya, Cem Yilmaz, Ezgi Mola, Uraz Kaygilaroglu, Merve Dizdar, Çaglar Çorumlu

A renowned figure in the erotic cinema of the 70s and 80s starts reexamining his own legacy and decides to switch from what he has been doing his whole life and make the cinema of diverse genres like romance, science fiction, medieval and historic action movies, etc. 

  • The Lincoln Lawyer (Season 1) 

Directed by: David Grossman, Alonso Alvarez, Bill D’Elia, Erin Feeley, Liz Friedlander

Cast: Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Neve Campbell, Christopher Gorham, Jazz Raycole, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Michael Graziadei

The series follows iconoclastic idealist lawyer Mickey Haller who runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car in the city of Los Angeles till his former partner dies and leaves him a series of his cases.

May 14:

  • Borrego (2022)

BORREGO | Official Trailer | Paramount Movies

Directed by: Jesse Harris

Cast: Lucy Hale, Nicholas Gonzalez, Olivia Trujillo, Jorge A. Jimenez, Leynar Gomez, Jaime Aymerich and more

The film follows a young botanist, Elly (Lucy Hale) who chooses to live in a small desert town to study an invasive plant species. Things went south when she encountered a plane crash in the Borrego desert, from which emerged an inexperienced drug mule. He kidnaps Elly and two embarked on a perilous journey in the desert. Elly finds herself making plans to escape from the captivity but with limited resources, everything seems to be a lot riskier than in any normal circumstance. 

May 15:

  • PJ Masks (Season 4)

PJ Masks Season 4 Trailer!

Created by: Romuald Racioppo

Cast: Michela Luci, Benjamin Hum, Juan Luis Bonilla, Jacob Ewaniuk, Brianna Daguanno, Devan Cohen, and more

Three children, Amaya, Connor, and Greg lead normal lives like other kids during the day, but at night they become entirely something else. Yes, superheroes who fight villains, solve mysteries and keep the city they live in safe from people with ill intentions.