When is Hilda Season 3 coming on Netflix?

When is Hilda Season 3 arriving on Netflix?
Credits: Netflix

Touted to be one of the best animated original series targeting kids, Hilda is all set to return for a third and final season on Netflix. The stage for the third season has already been set by the movie Hilda and The Mountain King, which was released way back on New Year’s Eve 2021. In the movie, Hilda is trapped in a troll’s body, leaving her on a quest to become human again and save Trolberg.

Based on Luke Pearson’s titular graphic novels, Hilda enjoys a lucrative two-season run on Netflix. Renewed for the third season In February 2022 by Animation Magazine, Emerald Wright-Collie is reported to serve as a series producer, with Monique Simmon as the associate producer.

Now that we are in 2023, we are inching closer to the release date of Hilda season 3, passing through a slew of script “leaks” throughout late 2021.

Hilda Season 3: When is the final season arriving on Netflix?

Credits: Netflix

Earlier in January 2023, Netflix announced the third and final season of the kids’ series would hit its library in 2023. Later, in September 2023, Deadline announced that Hilda season 3 would drop on Netflix on December 7th, 2023.
Per the reports, the third season will constitute seven episodes with a 70-minute special. Per the statement released by the officials during the Ottawa International Animation Festival on September 21st, the viewers can expect the following to happen in the third season:

“Hilda returns, eager to escape the bustling city of Trolberg for a refresh. She embarks on a train with Mum, Frida, David and of course her bold sense of adventure. In Tofoten, Hilda is encouraged to lean into the soft living of this sleepy town by her quirky Great Aunt Astrid – walks by the river, delicious baking, and local shopping.

But this quiet lifestyle is quickly interrupted when Hilda gets a whiff of something mysterious nearby: a Fairy Mound! Her curiosity leads to more than just an adventure and a new creature-y friend… But to an eerie landscape where danger lurks in the shadows. The third season will uncover truths never explored before in the series! This advanced sneak preview will be followed by an in-person Q+A with Luke Pearson and Andy Coyle – Moderated by Emerald Wright-Collie.”

Luke Pearson also revealed the highlights of the third season, saying that it will “venture into some new territory.” Admitting that it will underscore a few “detours”, the third season will be “more focused.”

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