When is SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan coming back? The group reveals at FOLLOW concert

Credit: Instagram

The SEVENTEEN fans have a lot to enjoy as the boy band recently organized its first-ever home concert. The same happened at the famous Gocheok Sky Dome. Did you know that it has a capacity of around 25,000 spectators? Well, then imagine the number of fans that turned out on July 21, 2023 – the day of the concert. The same event also marked the beginning of the ‘FOLLOW’ TO SEOUL Tour by SEVENTEEN. For the unversed, it is going to be held for not one but two consecutive days. 

Details About the FOLLOW Concert

While everyone was excited about SEVENTEEN’s concert, there was one piece of news that saddened the fans. One of the members, Seungkwan, could not be a part of the event owing to health issues. Moreover, he would also be absent from the group’s upcoming schedules. The same applies to the ongoing promotions for the group’s 10th mini album titled FML. So, he seems to be on a long hiatus as of now. As for the other SEVENTEEN members, they have not left any stone behind in the group’s latest set of promotions.

Mingyu’s Latest Revelations

The highly anticipated SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ TO SEOUL commenced on July 21, 2023, at 7 pm KST (3:30 pm IST). The event started with a captivating performance of their latest title track, “Super.” The group took the stage with a powerful presence and mesmerized the audience from the start.

Each member greeted the fans individually at the beginning of the event. Moreover, Joshua took a moment to give a shoutout to Seungkwan. The camaraderie among the members was evident as they shared warm words for their fellow member who was absent from the concert.

Mingyu also provided an update on the missing member, Seungkwan, with the proceeding of the concert. He revealed that they had shared a meal together. He further stated that Seungkwan was diligently taking about 10,000 steps daily. Mingyu linked this to Seungkwan’s dedication to taking the rest he needed and ensuring he remained in good health.

The Group Misses Seungkwan

The group’s shoutout to Seungkwan was even more cute, as revealed by Dino. He said that the group had decided on orange as their color code because the missing member apparently uses the emoji of an orange! Later, all the team members cheered for Seungkwan, along with the fans who were also eagerly waiting for his return.