Who is BTS’ V’s Hollywood crush? Details INSIDE

Who is BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung’s Hollywood Crush? Check out the deets!
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It would not be an exaggeration to say that the whole world is crushing over the handsome face of the Inner Child singer, aka V, aka Kim Taehyung. However, do you know who he is crushing over? Let’s go back to the time when Emily in Paris season 2 was released to get our answers. When the second season of Emily in Paris was released, Mindy Chen, whose role is played by Ashley Park, performed the BTS’ Billboard Hot 100 No.1 single Dynamite, the ARMY had lost their minds and became instant fans of the series.

This was followed by the two popular BTS members sharing their appreciation and gratitude towards the series for performing it. If you’ve been following the news, then you know that those two members were Rap Monster, aka RM, and V, aka Kim Taehyung.

Both BTS members expressed their appreciation on Instagram in different ways. RM posted a story with a heartful frolicsome laugh, while V posted the scene, captioning it with an Emily in Paris tag and a black and white heart, signaling a TaeTae seal of approval.


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Sooner than later, the same post was shared as an Instagram story by none other than Emily Cooper, aka Lily Collins, the lead of Emily in Paris, who quoting one of the famous lines from Dynamite, wrote: ‘WE’RE IN THE STARS TONIGHT! #BTSARMY.’

Although it has been over six months since this incident happened, we must agree that back then, it would have been one of the biggest moments for Taehyung, especially when we go back to his interviews in 2018. In an interview with Access Hollywood and E! News, V confessed that his favorite Hollywood actress and celebrity crush is Lily Collins and Rachel McAdams. Not only that, but V has also kept tabs on the shows Collins has worked on, citing the actress’ romantic comedy-drama Love, Rosie as one of his all-time favorites.

This short but sweet Dynamite BTSxEmily in Paris crossover had sent the ARMY gushing over the two and the series as well.

Apart from his celebrity crushes, V also made a new celebrity friend, who happens to be a Golden Globe nominee, Lee Jung Jae. By hanging out with this Squid Game star, the Singularity singer convinced the ARMY that he could be a part of the second season of Squid Game.


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Stay tuned to know whether it’s true or not!