Why did BTS’ Jungkook get together with TXT members? Read more

BTS Jungkook
Credit: Instagram

In a heartwarming gathering that marked both celebration and camaraderie, BTS’ Jungkook joined forces with the members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) for a memorable dinner following their triumphant night at the MTV Video Music Awards 2023. The occasion was made even more special as they came together to celebrate the birthday of Yeonjun, the eldest member of TXT.

A Chairman’s Instagram Update

The Chairman of HYBE LABELS, Bang Si Hyuk, took to his Instagram account to share the joyous moment. He posted snapshots of the artists and their chairman gathered around the dinner table, radiating smiles and warmth. This Instagram update offered fans a glimpse into the close-knit relationships within the HYBE family.

Jungkook Joins the Festivities

What particularly surprised netizens was the presence of Jungkook alongside his labelmates and juniors from TXT. The dinner served as a perfect opportunity for Jungkook to celebrate not only his own achievements but also to support and bond with the talented TXT members.

The primary reason for this gathering was to commemorate Yeonjun’s 24th birthday, an essential milestone for the TXT member. As the IT boy of the 4th Generation K-pop, Yeonjun received warm wishes and celebrated in the company of his fellow artists and colleagues.

Acknowledgment for Outstanding Performances

During the dinner, Chairman Bang Si Hyuk couldn’t help but acknowledge the remarkable performances of his artists at the 2023 MTV VMAs. He specifically praised Yeonjun’s stage presence, stating, “Killed the stage today.” Such moments of recognition and camaraderie highlight the strong bond between artists and their supportive chairman.

At the event, both BTS and TXT achieved significant milestones. TXT, who debuted their collaboration song “Back For More” with Latin star Anitta, secured the Push Performance category award for their song “Sugar Rush Ride.” Meanwhile, Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, added to the excitement by winning the Song of the Summer category for his solo single “Seven.