Wife of Idaho man suspected of killing baby was pregnant when she was murdered; Police reports say

Idaho Man Murdered Wife and baby

When does a heinous crime cross the threshold to sinister? When the explanation of the crime’s cause is rendered mute through the vile actions carried out by the perpetrator in the first place. As authorities peel the layers of details, addressing the ‘why’ becomes more difficult.

A criminal complaint filed Monday reveals that Kali Jean Randall, the Idaho mother who police allege was shot and killed by her husband last Thursday, was expecting a second child when she was killed.

The complaint elaborated that Kali’s case was handled as homicide, where it was reported that her death occurred at home last Thursday, allegedly by her husband, Jeremy Albert Best. The complaint further elucidates that 48-year-old Best fled the scene thereafter with 10-month-old son Zeke. Additionally, a recent update on this news states that the father was found naked in a sleeping bag beside the baby, who was found dead. (per East Idaho News obtained by People)

A modified complaint of the same crime was filed on Monday in the Idaho 7th Judicial District Court alleging that Best shot his wife from behind and did so “willfully, unlawfully, deliberately, with premeditation and malice aforethought.” Best has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one of his wife and second of his unborn child. A third count charges him of illegal use of a firearm. Whether Best will be slandered with more charges relating to his son Zeke is unknown since Bonneville County Coroner Rick Taylor has not yet released a cause of death for the 10-month-old.

Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office released a press statement on Saturday that Jeremy Albert Best was discovered in a sleeping bag on the side of a road east of Idaho Falls after having made “odd statements” earlier that morning. Police reports further elucidate that a group of hunters reported him to the authorities before they realized that he was the very man the Teton County Sheriff’s Office wanted.

At the time, Kali’s bother Bryan Randall offered his statement to PEOPLE, stating, “She was absolutely a genuine beautiful soul.” Via his confirmation, the news outlet reported that Kali and Best met back in 2009, and Randall viewed Best as a ‘normal guy.’ Additionally, he added that he could not recall any instances of conflict between the two. He said, “Sometimes maybe you don’t know people.”