Wikitree issues apology for spreading false rumors about EXO’s Sehun

Credit: Instagram

A few months ago, Wikitree, a media outlet, caused controversy within the K-pop community by publishing a false report regarding EXO’s Sehun. The article claimed that Sehun had visited an OB-GYN clinic with his girlfriend, leading to speculations about a potential pregnancy. However, Wikitree has now issued an official apology, admitting their mistake and clarifying the situation.

False Rumors Spread by Wikitree

On March 27, KST, a post on an online community forum made sensational claims about Sehun’s personal life, suggesting that his girlfriend was expecting a child. The anonymous post alleged that Sehun had accompanied his girlfriend to an obstetrician/gynecologist clinic, leading to widespread speculation and unfounded assumptions among fans.

Apology from Wikitree

After the false report gained traction, Wikitree released an official statement addressing the situation. They acknowledged their error in spreading inaccurate information about Sehun and expressed sincere regret for the distress caused to Sehun, EXO, and their fans. Wikitree emphasized their commitment to maintaining the accuracy and integrity of their future articles, pledging to learn from this incident and avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Setting the Record Straight

It is crucial to clarify that the claims made by Wikitree were entirely baseless and lacked any evidence. Sehun’s visit to the OB-GYN clinic with his girlfriend was purely a fabrication, and there is no truth to the rumors of her pregnancy prior to their marriage. Fans and the public should be cautious when consuming information and be mindful of the potential for false reports within the media.


Wikitree’s false report regarding Sehun’s personal life and the subsequent apology highlights the importance of responsible journalism. Spreading unverified information can cause distress and confusion among fans. It is essential for media outlets and individuals to exercise caution, verify facts, and prioritize accuracy when reporting on sensitive matters involving celebrities.