Will BTS reunite to perform at the World Scout Jamboree Korea Concert?

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The BTS is currently on a break as two of its members, Jin and J-Hope, have gone for their respective military enlistments. In the midst of all this, the remaining members are busy with their solo ventures, including albums and tracklists. It is known to the Army that eventually, the rest of the members will be going for their military duties soon. In fact, a few of them have revealed their plans for the same already. In the midst of all this, the request from a member of the People Power Party, a Korean political party, has sent shockwaves across the BTS fans.

What is the Request?

Song Il Jong, a member of the specific political party, asked the Ministry of Defense on August 8, 2023, to allow the BTS members, including Jin and J-Hope, to perform at the World Scout Jamboree Korea Concert 2023. Not only that but Jong also took to Facebook and shared a post on the platform while highlighting his request. He also said that the Ministry of Defense should allow the performance because the event will witness a gathering of around 10000 people from around the world. So, the prestige of the event will be maintained, given the Bangtan Boys perform on the day.

Response from the Ministry of Defense

In response to the request from the party member, the Ministry of Defense has responded by saying that it cannot take the decision alone. The opinions are also needed from other ministries, including the K-pop group’s agency, for permission. The sudden request for BTS’ performance comes at a time when the  World Scout Jamboree Korea concert is already receiving flak because of rising temperatures and mismanagement. In fact, many teams dropped out of the event after falling ill or because of degraded situations. So, since many artists pulled out from the concert, the representative made a request for BTS.

Fan Reactions

The BTS Army had a mixed response to the request for the group’s performance at the concert. A few of them requested the group to go about with their schedules without getting bothered by the event. Some others highlighted the fact that the Bangtan Boys do not have time to rehearse for the upcoming performance because they are known for their precise vocals and moves. Now, only time will tell if the request for the special performance will be granted for the concert.