Will Fisk Season 3 be on Netflix?


Fisk has already been confirmed for a Season 3 return, but will Netflix acquire the rights to it?

The streaming giant first acquired the rights to Season 1 of the Australian dramedy back in August of 2021, and it instantly took its spot on Netflix’s top 10. By the time the platform possessed season 2’s rights in December 2023, Season 2 had already aired in Australia, so the platform released all six episodes in one go. After confirmation for Season 3, it is unclear as of yet if Netflix will acquire rights to Season 3 as well.

Last month, confirmation of the arrival of the third Season of Fisk came through a press release on ABC, that elucidated, “Having captured the hearts and funny bones of millions of Australians,” adding, “the laugh-out-loud series returns, along with cast favorites Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold, and Aaron Chen.”

Credit: Netflix

Fisk is a celebrated Australian comedy-drama that explores the contours of the awkward and eventful life of Helen Tudor Fisk (played by Kitty Flanagan), a lawyer, where she tries to understand the difference between her personal and professional life. She is thrust into the probation and will solicitation world and has to adjust to be a part of the community.

Flanagan is stoked to play Helen for Season 3 again. What’s On Netflix quoted her saying, “I’m delighted to be back in the brown suit and on set with all of my favorite funny people. This is such a fun show to make and we have got our fingers crossed that everyone loves it.”

Fisk Season 3 Expectations

The season 2 finale concluded with a magnanimous revelation that Helen was finally made partner at Gruber & Fisk, and has moved into a new home. Prospects for the upcoming season look bright given the monumental shifts she has to go through in her professional as well as personal life. Being a partner at the firm means she will have to produce a stronger voice in the office space for peers to respect her, not to mention her added responsibilities. In her new home as well, Helen already got into a scuffle with her neighbor leading to a bitter countenance on the first major change in her life. Warming up to her neighbor and adjusting to her new home space may be nerve-wracking so Season 3 may explore her easing into the new life, of course with huge bumps along the way.

ABC Fisk
Credit: ABC

Fisk has been lauded for its exceptional writing, character assimilation, and acting accuracy by most of the cast present on screen. Based on these parameters, the show has managed to rank under the Top 10 on Netflix in over 17 countries and has been placed in the Top 10 in the USA and UK for 15 days straight each. According to Whats On Netflix, Fisk Season 1 garnered 4.9M viewing hours globally in the one week it was in the Netflix top 10s, equating to 1,800,000 total views. So it might not be far-reaching to expect the best out of Season 3.


As for the release date, What’s On Netflix confirmed through several Australian media outlets that Fisk Season 3 will be released sometime around 2024 on ABC. If Netflix does acquire the rights to this season as well, it might take a few more months to come to the OTT, so 2025 may be a safe bet.

As more details are unveiled, we will keep updating this space. So stay tuned!