Will Smith slaps Chris Rock for cracking a joke on wife Jada’s condition; Know what is alopecia and its treatment

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The 94th Academy Awards were held on March 27, 2022, and left no stone unturned to entertain the audiences. However, one particular incident caught the eye of the entire world. Yes, we are talking about Will Smith raising his hand on comedian Chris Rock for commenting on his wife.

The latter made an indirect comment on Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith that did not go well with the Aladdin actor. Rock made a joke by comparing Jada’s hair to GI Jane 2. It made Will Smith lose his cool after which he went up to the stage and slapped Rock on his face.

So, Jada Pinkett Smith is suffering from alopecia, and she has been very vocal about the same. She revealed having found handfuls of hair on her hand when taking her shower. The actress lived with the fear of getting bald. She also talked about how she was literally shaking in fear at that time. Smith further talked about how she started keeping her hair short because of the same and she does so even now. She had even started wearing turbans back then. However, Jada Pinkett Smith was bold enough to fight the condition and is now very confident about her looks.

Now, what exactly is alopecia. Let us get into the details of this condition.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia is nothing but the loss of hair from the body. It is an autoimmune disease that leads to the falling out of hair and causes patches on the head. Alopecia can be of various types. However, the most common form of this condition is genetic. Moreover, an unhealthy lifestyle may also lead to people getting alopecia. Apart from that, this condition is hormonal in nature.

What causes Alopecia?

Experts are yet to determine the causes of alopecia. However, the most common reasons are cited to be genetics, hormonal, and lifestyle issues.

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What are the different types of Alopecia?

Experts are of the opinion that there are 5 major types of alopecia.

  1. Alopecia Areata: This autoimmune disorder leads to bald patches on the scalp of the head.
  2. Androgenic Alopecia: This condition is common among both men and women. Its most common symptoms are receding hairline and thinning of hair.
  3. Alopecia Totalis: When there is a complete loss of hair on the scalp, we refer to it as alopecia totalis.
  4. Scarring Alopecia: When inflammation leads to the destruction of hair follicles, it is called scarring alopecia. The scar tissues replace these follicles thereby leading to the loss of hair in these areas.
  5. Traction Alopecia: Constant stretching or pulling of hair can lead to stress that, in turn, causes traction alopecia.


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Treatment for Alopecia

While there is no medical care for alopecia, doctors often recommend some forms of care to help the hair to regrow eventually. Anti-inflammatory drugs like corticosteroids are said to suppress the immune system at times. However, they may not be able to stop the formation of new bald patches on the scalp. Moreover, Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment can also help in the effective treatment of alopecia.

Are women prone to Alopecia?

The answer might be a no. Since it’s an auto-immune disease and genetics, often, have a role to play in it, men and women, both, can suffer from it.