Will the BLACKPINK members perform on only 14 songs in Hanoi concert?

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Recently, netizens were left puzzled and confused when a leaked setlist for BLACKPINK’s upcoming BORN PINK concert in Vietnam began circulating online. The leaked information suggested that the group would only be performing 14 songs during the highly anticipated shows at Hanoi’s My Dinh National Stadium. This revelation sparked discussions among fans about the limited number of songs and the absence of individual solo performances by the members.

YG Entertainment’s Official Statement

In response to the setlist rumors, YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK’s agency, released an official statement clarifying that the leaked information is false. The agency assured fans that the concerts in Hanoi, scheduled for July 29 and 30, will follow the same format as the rest of the tour, starting at 7:30 p.m. local time.

Fans’ Reactions and Speculations

Fans expressed their disappointment and concern over the potential limited song selection, especially considering the high cost of tickets. Many fans were hoping to see individual solo performances from the members, as witnessed in previous BLACKPINK concerts. Speculations arose that the leaked setlist might have been a selection of songs still awaiting approval. Netizens expressed their skepticism and questioned the possibility of a concert consisting of only 14 or 13 songs, highlighting the need for clarity and transparency from the organizers.

As BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK concert approaches, fans eagerly await further updates and a confirmed setlist that will hopefully meet their expectations and offer a memorable experience for all attendees.

The New Record

BLACKPINK has once again made history with its music video for “BOOMBAYAH,” reaching an astonishing milestone of 1.6 billion views on YouTube. Originally released as part of their Square One album in August 2016, “BOOMBAYAH” became the first K-pop debut music video to surpass 1 billion views in October 2020. The song’s popularity further soared as it featured in renowned platforms like the dance rhythm game Just Dance 2022 and the Netflix series Wu Assassins. This remarkable achievement marks the first-ever debut K-pop music video to reach such a monumental milestone, solidifying BLACKPINK’s impact on the global music scene.


BLACKPINK’s journey in the music industry has been marked by numerous achievements and groundbreaking milestones. From the unprecedented success of “BOOMBAYAH” as the first debut K-pop music video to surpass 1.6 billion views to the global recognition of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and the visual spectacle of “Kill This Love,” BLACKPINK continues to redefine the boundaries of success. Their talent, dedication, and unwavering support from fans have positioned them as one of the most influential and beloved girl groups in the world. The future holds great promise for BLACKPINK as they continue to captivate audiences and inspire millions with their music and performances.