Will the BTS members enlist for mandatory military service? Ministry gives an update


If there is one thing that is hovering over the minds of the Army around the world, it is the compulsory military enlistment discussion of the BTS members. It has become a topic of global concern as the K-pop group is getting subjected to the constant scrutiny of officials, critics, and fans worldwide who await an update regarding the same. Previously, there were also talks about a public poll and alternate service options for the Bangtan Boys, who have contributed to the economy of the country and continue to remain influential around the world.


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Recent Update

According to a recent update on October 5, 2022, an official from the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced that a conclusion had been reached finally on the Septet’s mandatory military service by the end of this year, which is for December. A request was also made to review the issue, actively responding to which the minister spoke about BTS member Jin, the eldest one whose enlistment is due this year. So, Jin being the oldest member of the group, it has become extremely important to get a decision made currently. According to the latest reports, the Ministry is planning to take a call on the same as soon as possible.


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Minister Park Bo Kyun has also spoken about the multiple factors that may be considered while concluding about BTS’ military enlistment.

Earlier News

BTS’ agency BigHit Music recently took a strong stand against the ill-intentioned rumors spread online against the members.

On September 29, 2022, BigHit Music shared an update on the legal proceedings against online perpetrators and malicious commenters for infringing on the rights of BTS. The agency also issued a lengthy statement on the same. The agency reportedly said, “Our company regularly initiates legal proceedings against perpetrators of malicious activities related to BTS, including defamation, personal attacks, sexual harassment, the spread of groundless information, and ill-intentioned criticism. We would like to provide an update on these activities.

We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives.” It further added, “We have found multiple defamation postings containing false information about the artists on platforms in and outside of Korea. We also have found that a specific poster has been spreading the same ill-intentioned rumor in multiple platforms and filed a criminal complaint against the poster after gathering all of the repetitively uploaded postings.”