Will we get to see The Umbrella Academy Season 4?

Will we ever get to see The Umbrella academy season 4?
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Is The Umbrella Academy Season 4 happening? Find out.

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has had sci-fi superhero fans in a tight grip ever since its premiere in 2019. As expected, the release of season 3 was huge, almost dethroning Stranger Things from the top spot on the streaming giant. But, it’s not merely the action and fight scenes that the series is so loved but also because of its portrayal of friendship, love, and emotions. While the suspense and cliffhanger endings have made the show always keeps its viewers anticipating more, the relationships between the characters provide comfort. 

On June 22, 2022, The Umbrella Academy Season 3 was released, and with approximately 125 million hours viewed internationally, it quickly surpassed Stranger Things Season 4 volume 1 to claim the top spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list. It is currently at No. 2. Netflix hasn’t officially announced anything regarding the renewal of the show, but the success of the same, and the season 3 ending, does leave fans confident that there will be a Season 4. 

Also, to fans’ relief, showrunner Steve Blackman told The Hollywood Reporter he has things in mind for the possible upcoming season. “When I started this thing, I sort of knew four seasons of the show. I have nothing passed that in my brain, but I’ve sort of kept to a trajectory. So, I have a really good sense of what season four would be, and it should be just as bonkers as the other seasons—what a challenge these superheroes, this family has been powerless.”

Will we ever get to see The Umbrella academy season 4?

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Renewal Status

As aforementioned, The Umbrella Academy Season 4 hasn’t been officially renewed yet. But if we go by the showrunner’s words, Season 4 doesn’t seem too far. 

The possibility of The Umbrella Academy Season 4 is likely. Netflix awaits around a month or so to announce the renewal of a show. Given that we are approaching the timestamp, news can be expected soon.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 Expected Release Date

Since there’s no renewal announcement, there’s no release date yet. But given that Season 3 was recently released, we can expect The Umbrella Academy Season 4 to release around the same time as Season 3 in 2023. Not to mention, all these are mere speculations as of now, as we wait to hear from the makers.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4

What happened in The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

*Spoilers Ahead*

Season 3 picks up where the season 2 finale ended. Hargreeves decided to start the Sparrow Academy with a separate group of children with powers after meeting the Umbrellas in 1963 and being instantly dissatisfied with them. The group consisted of six new members and a rude version of Ben. It turns out that Harlan, who retained his powers after the Umbrellas traveled into the future, is the major alteration to the chronology rather than the Sparrows. He was bullied and miserable as a child, and in 1989, when he knew the Umbrellas were about to be born, he accidentally killed all of their mothers, preventing the Umbrellas from being formed. The group’s trip back in time to 2019 caused the Grandfather paradox, which in turn caused the Kugelblitz that destroyed the universe.

Hargreeves tricks the Umbrellas into entering the mirror of the Hotel Oblivion during the apocalypse, killing Luther and Klause in the process. The hotel is actually a device that the alien can use to construct a new universe, and there we finally learn the magnate’s motivation for establishing the Umbrellas and the Sparrows. The machine’s guardian, a multi-formed riff on the minotaur that guards the maze in Greek mythology, was always something he needed seven soldiers to beat and use as keys to power the machine, murdering them in the process. He consistently viewed his adoptive children as tools to be used as sacrifices, proving he is the series’ greatest evil.

As the Umbrellas and the Sparrows are being sucked dry by the machine, Allison realizes she’s been duped once more by Hargreeves and murders him to save everyone. Victor, out of a sense of trust, allows her to hit the button to reset the universe. Next, Allison, who is now Claire’s new husband and the father of her kid, arrives at her Los Angeles house to find them. When Lila and Sparrow Ben join the other Umbrellas, they exit the hotel elevator into a courtyard and discover that all of their wounds have healed. Even though Luther is no longer half-ape, his joy is short-lived as he learns Sloane is disappeared and that all of their abilities are gone.

In the post-credits scene, a version of Ben is witnessed that is still alive in South Korea.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Umbrella Academy Season 4.