With Love Season 2: Is it renewed? Read on to find out

With Love Season 2
Credits: With Love On Prime/Twitter

“Love can be great, but it’s definitely not magic.”

Those who have been in love for a very long time can really relate to it. Love is definitely not magic. It might make one feel butterflies in the stomach for some time and like they are on the top of the world, but it isn’t always like that.

Love needs efforts, efforts to make each other stay, to make the other understand you and vice versa, and to be there for each other no matter what. It is a promise one makes every day, to be with the other one through thick and thin, to forgive and never let anything less significant destroy the better of them. It is a commitment for each coming second and is everything but magic. 

And all these aspects were explored in Amazon’s holiday rom-com, With Love. Crested by Gloria Calderón Kellett, it is a five-episode rom-com released on Prime Video back in December 2021. Since then, the fans have been speculating about the renewal of the series, and not long ago, the showrunner gave the answer each of us wanted to hear.

With Love Season 2
Credits: Prime Video

With Love Season 2 Renewal Status

Yes, With Love Season 2 is officially renewed, and it’s happening. Gloria Calderón Kellett, the showrunner, took to Twitter and announced the renewal on the show’s official Twitter handle. And with all of our most adorable couples back, the holidays are going to be all about love. 

With Love Season 2 Release Date

As for now, there have been no announcements regarding the release date for With Love Season 2. However, with the show renewal announced just a few days back, we can expect it to the streaming platform earliest by Fall 2022 or winter 2023. 

With Love Season 2 Trailer

There hasn’t been a lot of time since the renewal announcement, so for now, there is no new trailer as well. But, here’s the one for the first season for taking a look, in case you might have missed it or just want to revisit the awesome as well as the adorable vibe it gave.

With Love - Official Trailer | Prime Video

With Love Season 2 Plot

We can expect the sophomore season to pick up the story from where it left at the end of the first one, as there is always a scope for further development of the characters and the storyline.

For the unversed, With Love follows the Diaz siblings Lily and Jorge, as they are sailing through life, hoping to find love and purpose in their lives. In Season one, Lily goes through a breakup, the news of which spreads like wildfire in the family, and everyone tries to calm her down with their own advice and ways of ‘consolation’. On the other hand, Jorge starts dating Henry and introduces him to his family, which feels a lot more than necessary, and the former feels that the latter isn’t fond of his familial relationships.

With Love Season 2
Credits: Prime Video

As love isn’t always simple and comes with its own set of challenges, what’s there to see is how each of them tries their best to find it and make it stay. One thing is for sure, With Love Season 2, will be an entertainment-packed roller coaster ride.

With Love Season 2 Cast

The core cast is likely to remain the same, so the Diaz family is coming back once again.

  • Emeraude Toubia plays Lily Diaz. She is the daughter of Jorge Diaz Sr. and Beatriz Diaz. She has a sibling, Jorge Diaz Jr.
  • Mark Indelicato plays Jorge Diaz Jr. He is Lily’s brother and is an ‘out of the closet’ gay. He has a boyfriend as well. 
  • Isis King plays Sol Perez. They are Lily and Jorge’s maternal cousin and a trans-non-binary. They work as an oncologist.
  • Vincent Rodriguez III plays Henry. He is Jorge Jr.’s boyfriend. After Jorge introduced Henry to his family, he found the family really overwhelming, both in a good and bad sense. 
  • Rome Flynn plays Santiago Zayas. He is Lily’s love interest, and though the time has tested the two, they have a pretty good dynamic. 
  • Desmond Chiam plays Nick Zhao. He is Jorge’s best friend.
  • Benito Martinez plays Jorge Diaz Sr. He is Lily and Jorge Jr.’s father. He tries his best to accommodate everyone’s life choices and respect them and sometimes embarrasses them as well, but it can always be brushed away with a good laugh. 
  • Constance Marie plays Beatriz Diaz. She is Jorge Sr.’s wife and Lily and Jorge’s mother.
  • Todd Grinnell plays Miles Murphy. He is Sol’s love interest, and he works as a plastic surgeon.
  • Andre Royo plays Laz Zayas. He is Santiago’s father. The father-son dynamic between the two is all that anyone can dream of. 
  • Renée Victor plays Marta Delgado. She is Lily, Jorge and Sol’s grandmother. 
  • Pepe Serna plays Luis Delgado. He is Marta’s husband and grandfather to Lily, Jorge, and Sol. 
  • Gloria Calderón Kellett plays Gladys Delgado. She is Beatriz’s sister.