Wiz Khalifa surprises fans on New Year with new track Never Drinking Again

Wiz Khalifa surprises fans on New Year with new track Never Drinking Again
Credit: Instagram

Ahead of New Year’s Eve, Wiz Khalifa gave his fans an amazing surprise as he dropped his new song titled Never Drinking Again. The singer and rapper also took to Instagram to announce the same as he wrote, “Just in time for New Year. Enjoy your festivities drink responsibly and tag me when you use this sound in your video the day after #neverdrinkingagain.” The fans were further excited as the cover art for the track was also released and showcased Wiz Khalifa slumping over Christmas presents.

New track details

Wiz Khalifa’s new track comes after the release of his recent project titled Multiverse, which was released in July 2022. The rapper further released a deluxe edition in October 2022. The project witnessed Khalifa trying out different styles of music which he himself described as “soulful.” Recently, the rapper also grabbed the headlines after he suggested it would be “fun” to face off against Lil Wayne, another popular rapper, in a Verzuz-style event. In 2021, Khalifa also competed in season five of the popular series The Masked Singer as Chameleon and finished in third place.

Wiz’s new track

Talking about Wiz Khalifa, the singer and rapper is heard retracing his steps after a supposed hangover as he sings in the new song, “Lotta women, no liquor/I don’t really want my head spinning/I know where to start, know the beginning. It be like two shots then I’m loaded/Then them two shots turn to 40/Then I wake up in the morning like/How did I slip up?/When I said I wasn’t drinking again.”

The competition spirit

According to a report by NME, Wiz Khalifa recently attended an interview with DJ Superstar Jay and opened up about whom he would like to go head to head in an upcoming VERZUZ battle. The rapper was quick to say, “[Lil] Wayne – I think that would be really fun. Because Wayne’s a really dope performer, so it’s like, me and him going back and forth, performing bangers – that s**t would be hard. And we both smoke hella weed. I think that would be more like a concert than a VERZUZ.” The rapper also spoke about Kid Cudi in the same interview and added, “He’s somebody who is like me… We’ve got a multifaceted audience, and then he’s got some classic, like, core stuff – the same way that I do.”