Wolf Like Me Season 2: Release date, cast, plot, and everything else you need to know

wolf like me season 2
Credits: Peacock

The Halloween month is just around the corner, but with every passing day, some platforms are ready to combat Halloween with the best content of all times. The spooky times and tricks or treats also see competition amongst who can give the best collection of movies, both existing and new web series.

With emerging awareness of mental health and people believing in the supernatural with a pinch of Psychology, we see more content catering to such problems, as it leaves the area for the grey zone. What happens if we tell you that one of the most loved spooky shows is coming back better than ever?

Wolf Like Me Season 2 came as a shocker to all the audiences as they sat to expect the unexpected. Now secrets shall unleash, and relationships shall flourish. The makers shared new pictures to show progress on the shoot and filled us in on more information about how what season 2 will look like.

Here is all we know about Wolf Like Me Season 2.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Release Date:

Wolf Like Me S2 2

The show kicks off with its second season on October 19, 2023, just twelve days away from Halloween, giving us a good drama-filled horror experience for seven episodes spread across half an hour each.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Cast:

Wolf Like Me S2 3
Credit: Peacock

The cast from the previous seasons returns with the addition of new members. We have,

  • Isla Fisher
  • Josh Gad
  • Ramirez
  • Ariel Donoghue
  • Emma Lung
  • Anthony Taufa
  • Honour Katukefu

What do the makers have to say about Wolf Like Me Season 2?

Wolf Like Me S2 4
Credit: Peacock

The makers have updated fresh inputs on how the show and shooting is progressing. They also released an official synopsis that read:

“In the second season of ‘Wolf Like Me,’ Mary (Isla Fisher) and Gary (Josh Gad) leap into the next phase of their relationship and face their biggest challenge yet: pregnancy. As much as they try to have a ‘normal’ pregnancy, it seems impossible with so many questions looming over them. Will their child be a baby or a wolf pup? Just how long can they keep things secret from the rest of their family? And will what happened in the outback come back to haunt them? But when Mary’s former professor, Anton (Edgar Ramirez), suddenly reappears in her life, new secrets from Mary’s past are revealed, leaving Mary and Gary to question whether they’re even meant to be together.”

The new pictures were shared by the maker and Peacock’s official handles.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Trailer:

There is no trailer as of now, and it can be expected only towards the end of September.

What is Wolf Like Me Season 2 about?

Wolf Like Me S2 5
Credit: Peacock

Lycanthropy is a disorder in which one feels like they have been possessed by a creature like a werewolf, and it is usually in their heads.
Even though the person in front of them makes them believe that they are not a nocturnal animal, they fail to believe otherwise. Based on certain customs, beliefs, and myths, they follow them and turn into werewolves by acting like them on every full moon night.

Here, Mary has this particular disorder, which her husband has tried to keep a secret so far.

While they are trying to get through the sales of a new relationship, being a couple, they add a new element where they’re expecting a child. Here is where her husband is in a dilemma: what would happen if the child came up with the same disorder, or would he become a werewolf child? Is the disorder just an illusion, or is there some truth to it? Will there be any control over it?

This show has commented very well on the idea of mental disorders, as well as putting it into real life. While one can have this disorder as a logical explanation, if it is supernatural in nature, we would feel like the person is actually a werewolf.

However, the show has never answered in that aspect to keep that suspense for the audience to decipher. Thus, there are chances that in this season, they will be answering that aspect as well.

There is a new cast and new characters who have come into place. We do not know who Ramirez is. There are chances of having some other people with the same disorders or maybe other werewolf packs as well. What would happen, and how would they tackle it? This would encompass season 2. Once the trailer is released, we will have more to comment on.

What happened in Wolf Like Me season 1?

Wolf Like Me | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Gary is upset. He’s a typical man facing a middle-life crisis. He is struggling as a single parent to connect with his 11-year-old daughter, Emma. Here is when Mary enters his life. She’s charged, smart, daring, caring, free-spirited, as well as nurturing.

He falls in love with her and thinks she’s a great companion for Emma, and sees that Emma gels well with Mary. What happens when he decides to marry Mary?

When he finds out her secret? Is he in two minds, or does he support her?

He finds out that she is a werewolf, and Gary is just exposed to that truth. He is not sure whether it is all in her head as a disorder or she actually turns into one.

Now that they are taking care of Emma, they face a lot of challenges. Apart from their love life developing, they also see how it is to be a parent and get together with a second chance at love, but not without its own conditions. Gary accepts Mary as she is in the climax and gets into a relationship with her. The show ends with Mary finding out she is pregnant and new problems unfolding.

Whereto watch Wolf Like Me Season 2?

Wolf Like Me Season 2 would return on the same platform it made its debut on Peacock. Though this platform is not accessible everywhere, this global release can be accessed on Peacock and all other platforms that support Peacock.