Wordle editor Tracy Bennett shares hacks and lists biggest mistakes that players make

Wordle 1
Photo: New York Times

The power of words is unspeakable. One uses words to express themselves and often keeps adding to their vocabulary. Therefore, around 23% of mobile gamers play word games, thus making it the fifth most famous game genre.

While games like Scrabble and Crossword are classics, one game that created a sensation was Wordle in 2022. Every person was on the app trying to guess the word of the day in just limited tries.

The green and yellow popping boxes made friends and gamers come together to form word battles. This game was created by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. While a million combinations are possible, only one can be the right answer.

Now headed by editor Tracy Bennett, she has shared some mistakes to avoid and hacks to use in order to crack the game faster. As per PEOPLE, In an interview with Andy Cohen at Watch What Happens Live, she expressed her regular usage of the game and explained how six attempts are given to guess a five-letter word.

She says to Andy, “I actually still get to play every day cause I plan six weeks ahead so I only get the words by the time they come around. Sometimes, I’ve even not gotten a word.”

She also gave the secret hack and the top mistakes that people make. She says, “I think not putting in enough vowels in the first couple of guesses,” she even confirms that it is her top hack to rely on.

She also gave another hack stating how letters like ‘s’ and ‘r’ are useful but not to have stayed away from. She says, “”s” “t” “l” and “r” tend to be helpful guesses but that there aren’t any constants to stay away from at all costs.”

Bennett was first a puzzle editor at the Times and was then offered this position. While she was extremely happy, as this was an upgrade from her previous position as an Associate Editor, it also opened new doors for her.

She says, “I think there was some nervousness in the community of Wordle solvers, that I would change things somehow, you know, that I would mess with things too much, but my family and friends were very proud of me,”

Photo: New York Times

She also mentioned in an interview with Today earlier in January that people were excited to see her as editor,  “And I think a lot of people are proud of me.”

But where does this Engineer-created game come from? Software engineer Josh Wardle created this game out of love for his partner Palak Shah, as she was a fan of word games. PEOPLE reported, “Wardle made it for his partner Palak Shah. Wardle made the game’s first iteration in 2013 due to Shah being a lover of crosswords and spelling bees. ”

When the game became a hit, and Wardle was interviewed, he mentioned, “I wanted to come up with a game that she would enjoy,” and his partner replied in an affirmative to the Times interview, saying, “It’s really sweet. This is definitely how Josh shows his love.”

The game was later acquired by The New York Times Games in January 2022 for low seven figures, as per PEOPLE. While this game started as a token of love, it became a sensation for the love of words worldwide.