YG Entertainment addresses BLACKPINK’s contract renewal in quarterly report


YG Entertainment, the agency behind the global phenomenon BLACKPINK, has officially disclosed its ongoing negotiations for new exclusive contracts with all four members: Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo. The revelation comes through the agency’s quarterly report released on November 14, providing insight into the critical discussions shaping the future of BLACKPINK.

Anticipation Surrounding Contract Renewals

Since their debut in August 2016, BLACKPINK has been pivotal in the global K-pop scene, and as their initial seven-year exclusive contract neared expiration, talks of contract renewals took center stage. The agency’s quarterly report indicates that negotiations are currently underway, with the outcomes expected to be disclosed in subsequent reports, particularly those addressing key management matters and investment decisions.


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Clarification on Previous Speculations

The announcement follows approximately two months of speculation and circulating rumors, particularly regarding three BLACKPINK members—Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo, excluding Rosé—potentially not renewing their contracts with YG Entertainment. In response to these speculations, YG Entertainment officially clarified the situation in a statement to Newsen on September 25. At that time, the agency emphasized that as of the given date, no confirmed decisions had been reached regarding the re-contracting of BLACKPINK members. The statement aimed to dispel uncertainties and underline that discussions were still in progress.

BLACKPINK Member Jennie’s Real Estate Endeavors

Amidst the contract negotiations, reports have surfaced about BLACKPINK’s Jennie making a noteworthy real estate investment. The idol has reportedly purchased a luxurious apartment in UN Village, one of Seoul’s most upscale locations. Valued at 5 billion KRW, the apartment is said to feature five bedrooms and three bathrooms, epitomizing sophistication in a prime location.

Cash Transaction and Actor Lee Jong Suk’s Connection

What adds to the intrigue is the revelation that Jennie’s acquisition was entirely in cash, foregoing traditional bank loans or installment plans. UN Village is known for its exclusivity, with actor Lee Jong Suk also owning a residence in the same apartment complex. Reports suggest that the purchasing process began in 2021, showcasing Jennie’s keen interest in strategic real estate investments.