YG Entertainment denies reports on BLACKPINK’s non-exclusive group contract renewal


YG Entertainment has officially debunked rumors suggesting that BLACKPINK has already completed a non-exclusive group contract renewal. The agency clarified that negotiations regarding the group’s contract are currently in progress.

This denial follows recent speculations about the future commitments of BLACKPINK, indicating that discussions between the members and the agency are ongoing to determine the terms of their continued collaboration.


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Negotiations Underway

Contrary to reports suggesting a finalized non-exclusive group contract renewal, YG Entertainment stated that discussions are ongoing. The agency refuted claims of a completed agreement, emphasizing that the negotiations involve the terms of both group and individual contracts for BLACKPINK.

Individual Contracts Status Uncertain

While two members have reportedly concluded their contracts with YG Entertainment, the status of Lisa’s contract remains uncertain. There are indications that Lisa might explore an independent path. The complex dynamics involve members contemplating individual contracts with YG Entertainment while also pursuing independent opportunities.

Yield from Recent Activities

Despite ongoing contract discussions, BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ world tour, which concluded in September, drew a massive 1.8 million attendees and generated substantial revenue of nearly 300 billion won (approximately 235 million USD). Even without finalized individual contracts, both YG Entertainment and the members are optimistic about the group’s collective activities continuing to yield significant sales.

Future Plans Await Confirmation

As negotiations unfold, BLACKPINK fans eagerly await official announcements regarding the future plans of the group and its members. The ongoing discussions highlight the strategic balancing act between group activities and individual pursuits for the globally acclaimed K-pop sensation.