You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023

You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023
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Although Joe’s city and name may change, can he? Here are all the details you require about You Season 4 .

Drumrolls, please! The wait is almost over. As last time, the viewers got to see an intriguing cliffhanger in which, as news permeates the community about a recent murder, Joe looks toward a future with Marienne – but hell hath no fury as Love scorns. Since then, the fans have wanted to know how the tale will continue with Joe Goldberg across the pond for the fourth time.

So, to curb all your doubts, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you should look forward to for the time being while you recap the previous seasons, which are available to watch on the streaming platform. If you are one of them, then you have reached the right place to know everything relating to when Netflix will release You Season 4.

You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023

You Season 4: Is it premiering in January 2023 or not?

Unfortunately, it was brought to our attention that You Season 4 wasn’t included in the list of new releases in January 2023, which is a little disappointing for the fans who have been waiting for the next season for quite some time now.  

The new season is slated to be split into two parts, with the first part set to be premiered on February 9, 2023, and the second part on March 9, 2023. Moreover, if we take most of the Netflix series into consideration with a bit of speculation, then the new series, You Season 4, will have the same premiere time as other shows on the streaming service, which is 12:00 a.m. (PT) or 3:00 a.m. (ET). 

In order to receive updates on when the show premieres on Netflix, interested viewers can also enable notifications. The official Twitter handle of the show also confirmed the news among its followers, quoting, “Emotional baggage for Jonathan Moore is waiting at the claim. Part 1 lands early in London on February 9 and Part 2 follows on March 9. Only on @netflix.” Take a look at the official post below:  

You Season 4: What to expect in the new season?

According to Netflix Tudum, when the season begins, Joe is living in London as a college professor named Jonathan Moore. Given the many messes he left behind in the States (and the fact that he’s supposed to be dead), Joe is trying to keep a low profile, avoid any entanglements and just blend in – hence the beard. “Living in London has allowed me to bury the past if you will,” he says in the sneak peek that debuted at Tudum 2022 in September. “Gone are the days of unrequited love and longing. No, this time around, I’m focusing on academia and instruction, while keeping my typical extracurricular activities strictly professional.” 

As fans of the show know, each season of You explores and subverts various genres as Joe searches for love. Season 1 was a classic stalker thriller, offering an irreverent take on tried-and-true rom-com tropes; Season 2 had more of a revenge motif and challenged traditional love-interest expectations, and Season 3 threw Joe into a domestic thriller – almost a suburban noir, complete with swinging neighbors. With Season 4, You transforms into a straight-up murder mystery a la Agatha Christie (or maybe Glass Onion). In other words, Joe’s life is going to become a lot more complicated, whether he wants it to or not. 

You Season 4: Take a look at the exclusive stills

You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023

You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023

You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023 You Season 4 is not coming to Netflix in January 2023

You Season 4: Who will return in the new season?

As per Netflix, it is confirmed that Tati Gabrielle will return as Marienne in Season 4. Whether or not Marienne is happy to see Joe, though, remains to be seen. Since class and privilege are a couple of the show’s overarching themes, each season usually forces the working class-raised, Joe, to interact with (and reluctantly befriend) a new group of rich yuppies. And Season 4 is no exception. Portraying Joe’s posh new social circle is as follows: 

Charlotte Ritchie (Feel Good), Ed Speleers (Outlander), Tilly Keeper (EastEnders), Lukas Gage (The White Lotus), Stephen Hagan (The Larkins), Ben Wiggins (The Sandman), Niccy Lin (The Great), Eve Austin (ABC Murders), Aidan Cheng (Devils), Dario Coates (Damned) and Ozioma Whenu (The Lark). Check out the gallery below on Twitter to meet their snooty characters, as well as Nadia, one of Joe’s promising students played by Amy-Leigh Hickman. The rest of the cast includes Sean Pertwee (Gotham) as Vic, Alison Pargeter (Chernobyl) as Dawn, Brad Alexander as Edward, and Adam James (I May Destroy You) as Elliot. 

You Season 4 Episodes and Streaming Options

The new season is reported to consist of 10 episodes and will be split into two halves. The episodes are estimated to have an average runtime of roughly 41 to 60 minutes, just like the prior seasons. As of December 27, 2022, Netflix has not revealed the exact episode titles or synopsis, which will be revealed as the premiere date approaches. So, we would advise fans to be patient while waiting for these updates, which will be issued in the coming weeks. 

When You Season 4 draws close to its release date, the series will be available exclusively on Netflix, with other series of the same genre also accessible on the streaming platform with a range of membership options. The video quality and the number of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously depend on the package you choose. The basic membership starts at $9.99/month, and the standard membership starts at $15.49/month. You may play mobile games and stream movies along with TV shows at no additional cost with any of their services.

You Season 4 Official Teaser

Netflix has not released any new teaser or trailer for the new season, but the date announcement alone gives a little insight into the characters and plot with the narration stating, “I’m not the lovable bookstore manager in New York, or the shop clerk in LA, or the doting husband in the suburbs now. Not anymore,” Joe says in the cast reveal video that debuted during Tudum the event. “Allow me to reintroduce myself: I’ve gone through a bit of refinement upon crossing the pond. And living in London has allowed me to bury the past, if you will.”

According to our curly-haired killer, gone are the days of unrequited love and longing. “No, this time around, I’m focusing on academia and instruction, while keeping my typical extracurricular activities strictly professional,” he says. “With friends in high places, there always come others attempting to climb that social ladder,” says Joe. “So they end up falling or shall I say, pushed to their social deaths. The question is, by whom?”

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