You Season 4: Will it be the last season?

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If you have been a religious follower of Netflix’s You, you must be wondering what’s the future of the series. Prior to the release of You Season 3 on Netflix in October 2021, the stalker series had already been renewed for a fourth season.

According to DigitalSpy, executive producer Sera Gamble said, “Reading Caroline Kepnes’ novel, [showrunner] Greg [Berlanti] and I were instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his twisted world view” while talking about the show’s renewal.

“And it’s been thrilling to watch Penn [Badgley] bring Joe to creepy yet compelling life. We’re deeply grateful that Netflix has shown You such monumental support, and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really get it all very wrong over the past three seasons. The whole You team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in season four,” she added.

Many people would side with Netflix’s decision of taking over You when Lifetime cancelled it after just one season. Old and new viewers equally adored the psychological thriller after its second season debuted on Netflix. The fourth season is now underway, and fans are eager to see what Joe gets up to this year. But given the storyline of the novel the show is based on and how season 3 ended, there are speculations that You Season 4 might be the final season of the show.

You Season 4
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You Season 4 release date

The production of You Season 4 started in March 2022, and is expected to be wrapped up by August 31. If Season 4 follows a similar schedule as season 3 that premiered in October 2021, with filming winding up in April, we can expect the new season in February 2023.

So far no official update regarding the production or release date has been announced. We are just aware a part of filming reportedly took place in London, and in Paris.

What happened in You Season 3?

The third season of You has a shocking unexpected finale that finds Joe travelling to Paris and Love dead. The third season of You begins with Joe and Love settling down in Madre Linda, California with their newborn son Henry and experiencing their peculiar brand of love and marriage.

Joe is determined to leave Love and flee to France with Marienne but there are still some things he needs to take care of, such as getting rid of their basement inmates. Love, in the meantime, discovers Joe’s bloody shirt and is incensed that her husband would kill for Marienne. In preparation for the impending revenge, Joe requests for a divorce and grabs a carving knife. However, Love had coated the handle with aconite, the same poison she used to kill her first husband, leaving Joe crippled on the floor.

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When Marianne arrives at the Quinn-Goldberg home, Love persuades her inside to talk about their problem. Love, who had first intended to murder Marienne, is affected by the latter’s words and compassion. Love instructs her to take her child and flee as far as she can before going back to kill her husband after realising that Joe is the real issue. Joe reveals he had already taken an antidote suspecting Love would try to kill him similarly as she killed her first husband. He then proceeds to kill his wife. He then stages it as if Love had committed suicide. He then destroys the home by lighting it on fire, abandons baby Henry with Dante, and flees to Paris in quest of Marienne.

Will You Season 4 be the final season?

Even though fans are eager to watch the fourth season, they can’t help but worry if this will be the series’ final season. The most seasons that Netflix typically provides its shows is four. There are Netflix shows that have more than four seasons, but this isn’t the norm.

As of the time this article is being written, there is no official announcement regarding whether or not You Season 4 will be the last season of the show.

The good news is that You Season 4 probably won’t be the show’s last season. When a show is renewed, the streaming giant usually lets viewers know how many seasons remain. Netflix did not specify that the fourth season of You will be the final one when it renewed the show for a fourth season in October 2021.

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