Your guide to the perfect night skincare routine


You must be living under the rocks if you would ask us why does one need a proper night skincare routine. While most of us are conscious about taking care of our skin during the day, we often forget that skincare during nighttime is also an essential element of our lives.

For most of us, skincare begins only with the basics and ends with the same. From applying sunscreen to putting on a lip balm before dozing off, we follow a lot of skincare rituals daily. So, why not we plan one for the nighttime too? Yes, there is a need for you to religiously follow a night skincare routine to avoid damaging it further in the future. Only cleansing your skin is not enough to keep it flawless and radiant. The skin demands a lot of care and attention, and it needs a proper routine for the same.

Why is night skincare important?

night skincare routine

Ever heard of beauty sleep? Then you may know its importance too. It is because your skin gets to breathe while you sleep. The skin tends to relax just like your body. That is why most experts state that a night skincare routine works better than the one done during the day.

Given below are some of the most common reasons behind it.

  1. The blood flow in the skin is maximum during this time.
  2. Skincare products penetrate the skin better when you are sleeping.
  3. No external factors like sunlight or pollution can affect you during the night.
  4. Cell regeneration process mostly happens during the night.

Steps for a nighttime skincare routine

  1. Remove makeup

night skincare routine

One of the most vital steps that you must follow during the night is to remove your makeup. Try using some makeup removal cream or just micellar water to remove the makeup. For the unversed, this process is just similar to cleansing your face.

  1. Tone

Toner is a must after having cleansed your skin, isn’t it? The same applies to your night skincare routine in this case. It helps balance your skin’s pH levels and gives extra nourishment.

  1. Eye cream

Never forget to apply your eye cream before going to sleep. While moisturizing may have become a daily habit for you, ignoring the eye cream isn’t good either. The skin around the eyes is delicate and thin, which requires extra attention. So, make sure to apply an eye cream or a serum.

  1. Serums

night skincare routine

Never skip serums! You can select one that best suits your skin’s needs and make sure to apply it during the nighttime. Your skin type and condition will be the sole factor that will determine your serum.

  1. Moisturizer

Last but not least, make sure to apply moisturizer before you doze off. It is very important to moisturize your skin during the night before hitting the bed. The reason behind the same is that moisturizers last on the skin for longer durations.

You can sometimes opt for face masks and sheet masks to enhance your night skincare routine. Not only do they provide instant hydration to your skin, but also revitalize it.