Zendaya: 5 lesser-known facts about the actress

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Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, one of the brightest charms of generation Z and known to be a versatile actress, was born on 1st September 1996.  She made her acting debut through the Disney channel in the Shake It Up episode as Rocky Blue at the age of 14. She went on to star in K.C. Undercover and also appeared in other Disney Channel original films. She then got important parts in films like The Greatest Showman, Euphoria, and, of course, the Spider-Man trilogy. Her career didn’t stop there.

This young, talented actress got full support from her family to make a spot in the entertainment industry. Zendaya’s parents made huge sacrifices for their daughter to make her dream come true. When Zendaya was in middle school, her mother worked two jobs in Oakland, California, while her father quit his job and left for Los Angeles with Zendaya. Because they truly had faith in her. Look at where she is right now!

Here are other interesting 5 lesser-known facts about the actress you would love to know.

Zendaya’s career started as a dancer

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She was more inclined towards dancing when she was a kid. She was a member of a hip-hop group at the tender age of eight. Zendaya began her professional dancing career as a Kidz Bop Kid. She was also a backup dancer for a commercial featuring American actress and singer Selena Gomez.

Mattel created the barbie-doll of Zendaya’s Oscar look to honor her stand on criticism

zend6Zendaya received criticism for her look from well-known reporter Giuliana Rancic after showing up to the 2015 Oscars with her hair in dreadlocks. The reporter said that her dreadlocks smelled of “Patchouli”. Zendaya replied to her back through an Instagram post, where she wrote, “There is a small line between what is humorous and what is disrespectful. I wore my locks on the Oscar red carpet to highlight them positively and to show individuals of color that their hair can look wonderful too. I view locks as a representation of beauty and strength.” That year Mattel produced a Barbie to commemorate the young star for serving as a role model for keeping her point of view by matching the barbie doll with Zendaya’s red-carpet appearance.

Zendaya was a shy kid

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Zendaya’s mother once revealed in an interview that her daughter Zendaya was extremely shy and quiet. She used to get easily frightened and also lacked courage when she was in school. As a parent, they had to attend seminars organized for timid children in Zendaya’s school.

Zendaya backed the second price in a famous dancing competition

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In the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars, Zendaya backed second prize along with her dancing partner, Chmerkovskiy, who is a Ukrainian-American dancer.  The same year she signed a deal with Hollywood Records, which had previously signed Gomez and the Jonas Brothers. A year later, she released her self-titled first album. The number one single from the album was “Replay.” For those who don’t know, Hollywood record is a platform that had signed the Jonas brothers and Selene Gomes before her.

She does self-makeup

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Zendaya revealed that for maximum events, she prefers doing makeup herself. Where many celebs cannot step out without getting a touch from their troop of makeup artists, this young celeb often keeps it simple yet sassy in these glam games of events. She also shared her beauty mantra with Vogue, where she mentioned her two makeup routine, which is a must for her, Sunscreen and removing makeup before bed.