From Scorpio to Virgo: Zodiac signs that make best friends

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Best friends are the family we choose. Living by this notion many of us did give life a chance to feel this beautiful feeling of having a best friend. Have you ever had a long day and just wanted to rant? Or go for a shopping spree, or catch a weekend movie, we tend to remember our best friends at all parts of our life, whether good or bad.

But what if we said that your stars can help you know which corresponding sign with yours might make the most memorable and lifelong friendship? Let us have a look.


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How can a free-spirited Aquarius and a mystique Scorpio be best friends? Scorpios are very intellectual and fun to be with, they have a charm that compliments the free nature of an Aquarian. They tend to share the same vibe as both are good with concealed emotions, but still, somehow let the cat out of the bag. The fights can be intense and hurtful, but they love to be stuck like glue.


possessive zodiac signs

This steady and stable bull sign adds a sense of calm to the over-achiever Capricorn. They are too full of themselves to care. Taurus is tamed in such a way that it can mold itself into a rigid pot, which cannot be broken unless given authority, so Capricorn also associates with this trait that can help keep them together.


possessive zodiac signs

Aries and Gemini are both one of the most ‘angry’ signs. It is because they have great control over their emotions, but finding someone so similar is a rarity for them. They find solace in similarity and share a very strange bond, they can be distant but still together better than ever.


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Libras are pro at being a flirt and Leo’s are hopeless romantics. When such a duo comes together, they do help each other’s dating life while understanding how people react when faced with life. Libra is charming whereas Leo is adored for their magnetic smile. As friends, they would be one best-friend pair that anyone can mistake for a couple.


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Pisces is a sign of extremism. They are either too stubborn, or too happy to dance away the night, or extremely finicky when exams are around the corner. A Sagittarius is always composed and only makes valid points with a calm mind. They do get angry and that can be something that the Piscean can fear, as who likes to have their best friend upset with them?


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A deadly combination, Cancers are fans of validation and Virgos are pros at compliments, they just have the ability in them to charm anyone. Both signs are complicated when it comes to their mental space as they are active thinkers. In such a case one is always understanding and available at your rescue.

These pairs of signs make the best of friends for their clashing traits or in many cases the contrasting ones. While this is a generic meter, one can be assured that having a best friend can never go wrong.