From Leo to Cancer: Zodiac signs that make the worst couple

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Credits: Pexels, Pixabay

Do you often find yourself fighting with your partner? Do the discussions always end up in a heated argument? Do you fail to agree even for minor things? If the answer is yes, there’s no doubt that your relationship might be hitting the rocks.

But the question is why? While you both love each other, it’s still difficult to live under one roof together. Blame it on astrology.

Do you also believe in stars and feel that your love life can actually be affected by them? Do you believe that zodiac signs can be good or bad for each other? If yes, take a look at these zodiac signs that make the worst couples together and see where your relationship falls.

1. Cancer + Aquarius

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This pair could be one of the most difficult signs that can cope with each other. The water sign Cancer is someone who needs things like security and consistency in a relationship whereas the emotionally less available Aquarius can never understand this, they are the ones who love their freedom and in front of that, they are never able to understand the need of their cancer partners. Their feuds usually arise because of cancers wrongly assuming the free-minded nature of Aquarius as their partner not giving priority to them. All this does not mean that every cancer and Aquarius couple is meant to be doomed because things can really work out if you love each other.

2. Leo + Scorpio

These two zodiac signs have the capability of making an issue of almost each and everything, and the problem doesn’t just arise here but it arises when both of them want to come out of that fight by becoming the superior one. Both these signs just have a way of triggering each other even when they aren’t doing anything much. They bring out the bad side in each other and are just very toxic to each other.

3. Sagittarius + Virgo

Zodiac signs that make the worst couple together

This zodiac pair is also one of the least compatible pairs. Sagittarius love to live their life carefreely and without any tension, whereas Virgo being a perfectionist by nature has the habit of poking, annoying, and criticizing people which becomes intolerant for Sagittarius ultimately breaking them apart. Sagittarius is also someone who loves to travel and explore new things whereas Virgo likes to have a strict routine and some stability in life making it quite tough to manage each other’s lifestyles.

4. Capricorn + Libra

 This pair is also quite similar to the Sagittarius and Virgo pair, as Capricorns are a big fan of organized and stable life which is detested by the flexible libra. Libra feels like they are not able to have their proper growth while trying to put in efforts to fit into the well-organized life of Capricorn. These basic differences between Capricorn and Libra are responsible for them not working out as a couple.

5. Aries + Pisces

Zodiac signs that make the worst couple together 1

Aries doesn’t care too much about emotions and therefore it becomes very difficult for them to cope with the sensitivity of Pisces. The trait of Aries that is not liked by Pisces is their straightforward attitude, Pisces at first seem to like the honesty Aries brings in with them but soon start getting irritated at this. Another difference that we usually see between water and fire signs is that fire signs love to explore whereas water signs love to settle making them completely incompatible with each other. 

6. Sagittarius + Cancer

These two signs are completely opposite to each other which is what actually attracted them to each other in the beginning but later seems to be the reason for their break up. Sagittarius are free-spirited and love to roam paying no heed to be emotionally available to the emotion-craving cancers. Cancers want to feel the emotional presence of Sagittarius in their relationship which becomes very hard for Sagittarius to fulfill leading to both of them separating paths.