1923 Season 2: Will there be another season?

Will there be season 2 of 1923?
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“You Attack My Family. It’s Gonna be the Last thing you ever do.”

The Yellowstone fans desired to know what happened before to the Dutton Family when the family was intact and fighting with the other forces together. In the Yellowstone series, we have witnessed how Dutton Damily is breaking from the inside with the risen conflicts, & betrayal.

Fans wished to watch the infamous Dutton Family together as one. Thanks to Taylor Sheridan, 1923 is one of the prequels of Yellowstone. After the first season’s success, the viewers are buzzing with several questions. The most popular question is,” Will there be Season 2 of 1923?” 

Will there be season 2 of 1923?
Credits: Instagram

Since 1923 focuses on an intervening generation of the Dutton Family during the time of Western Expansion, Prohibition & the Great Depression that weren’t able to cover up in the first season. Expectations are there will be another season in 1923. Since Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford, Brandon Sklenar, Darren Mann, Isabel May, Julia Schlaepfer, and Jerome Flynn have done a wonderful job with their characters. Hopefully, we’ll see them in the second season too!

Is 1923 renewed for Season 2?

The jaw-dropping American Western Drama of Paramount+ i.e 1923, created by Taylor Sheridan, gained massive viewership of 7.4 US million in the first episode. Imagine the rise in viewership worldwide. The series’ last episode got aired on February 26, 2023. The bad news was that the first season ended in February, while the good news is the renewal for season 2 of 1923 got announced in February 2023! 

On February 3, 2023, the renewal announcement was made on Twitter, while the writer and director, Taylor Sheridan, confessed that after winding up season one of all ten episodes, there were still some loose ends to tie. He needed extra episodes to be able to tell the Dutton Story the way he wanted. Good for us & bless the Paramount to trust Sheridan and allow the creation of season 2 of 1923.

When can we expect the release of season 2 of 1923?

Just like Carol Dutton said, “Greed will be the thing that kills us all.” We should keep her words in mind & understand that the second installment of the series got announced just a few days before. It’s impossible to consider that the filming of the season started when the products haven’t even begun. 

All we know is 1923 Season 2 will have eight episodes of 50-60 minutes each. Another fact is there are other prequels of Yellowstone in production, 6666, which will focus on the present days on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. With the expense of $30-35 million per episode in the first season. We could expect a rise in the expenses since the second installment has been confirmed.

1923 | Official Trailer | Paramount+

All we can expect is the release of Season 2 of 1923, somewhere in 2024, since the filming and casting are yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, we’ll return with the original cast in the second season too. We are confident to watch Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s fabulous chemistry on the screen again.

Both are fiercely protective of their family & we can’t miss their threats. In season 1 we saw how they both are fighting with the world as the Dutton Family for Yellowstone. Let’s keep hoping to watch the second season soon too!