It’s gone viral! Chinese delivery boy fulfills customer’s request, splashes tea on her ex-boyfriend

The delivery boy later apologised to the man. (Photo for representation: Reuters)

Planning to part ways with your partner? Here is a bizarre incident that might help you remain extra cautious before, and after taking such a step!

Recently, in an incident of post breakup revenge, a woman in China decided to unleash her anger on her former boyfriend with the help of a delivery boy.

A bizarre post breakup revenge

The video of this “extraordinary” revenge has gone viral on social media. In Shandong, an eastern Chinese province, a woman ordered a milk tea for her former boyfriend, and instructed the delivery boy to splash the drink on him.

In a surprising move, the delivery boy even complied with the request!

In the viral video, a delivery boy in yellow uniform and helmet can be seen splashing the drink on a man, and even handing over the instruction slip to the person a few moments later. The man seemed shocked by the entire incident.

Splash drink on his face, instructs customer

According to a national daily in China, the customer wrote, “No need to be nice to the sc**bag, just splash the drink on his face.” The delivery guy later apologised for his act, and while handing the man a tissue, reportedly said, “Sorry, I just acted based on the remarks of the customer.”

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