Ten per kilo; Veena S Nair’s 50 kg posters were sold at Akrikada

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Posters of UDF candidate Veena S Nair from Vattiyoorka in Akrikada. Fifty kilos of unused posters were sold at Akrikada for Rs. The posters are hanging in the shop at Nandancode YMR Junction.

The remaining 50 kg of posters in Vattiyoorka, where the election campaign was in full swing, has sparked a debate among local activists.

Vattiyoorkavu is the NDA’s A + constituency in Thiruvananthapuram district, which the BJP has high hopes for after Nem. The constituency has been the venue for the triangular contest of the LDF, UDF and NDA fronts since 2011. But Vattiyoorka also has a history of siding with the Left’s candidate VK Prashant in the by – elections with a landslide victory. Before the re-determination of the constituency in 2008, it was a left-leaning constituency, but after Vattiyoorka, the constituency that won K Muraleedharan in the 2011 and 2016 elections sided with the UDF.

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