A new way to hack WhatsApp: hacking by asking for codes from friends’ numbers


If you use WhatsApp and someone asks for a 6 digit code, then get alerted immediately. Actually, nowadays cyber frauds hack the WhatsApp of your friend first and then send a message to his friendliest and ask for the code.

In such a situation, people are easily getting caught in the trap of these cybercriminals. So, if a friend also asks you for a 6 digit code, first verify your friend and call him.

If you show a little carelessness and send a six-digit code to your friends or anyone without confirmation, you can be a victim of fraud and your account will be hacked. Cyber ​​thugs are cheating people by hacking WhatsApp. This is their new way of cheating. Actually, till now people are asked for money by creating fake profiles on Facebook. But now WhatsApp is being cheated through WhatsApp by asking for money in the name of a friend or by asking for any detail. In such a situation, people are easily becoming victims of fraud.

Hunting through phishing messages

WhatsApp users are being victimized by scams or phishing messages. Such messages are difficult to identify. Contact with cyber thug users as their acquaintance. They ask people to send a six-digit code. This code is a confirmation code that WhatsApp sends to all its users to sign on a device. In such a situation, do not share it without getting full information. It is possible that the account of a friend who is asking for your code has also been hacked.

Radio show host Alexis Conlon gave information about the scam on Twitter. He said that it starts with a text message that comes on your phone. Soon after, you get a WhatsApp message from contact and they ask for this code. He further explained that the WhatsApp account of the sender of the message has also been hacked and scammers are trying to hack their contacts.

Account gets hacked

What happens in such cases, first understand this. Your friend or contact’s account gets hacked. The scammers then tried to hack all his contacts. You are one of them. They try to open WhatsApp on a new device with your number. This is the reason that WhatsApp sends you a six-digit code SMS on your mobile phone. If you send them the code, your WhatsApp will be hacked.

Now know how to avoid it

  • First and foremost, enable two-factor authentication or two-step verification on your WhatsApp account.
  • Apart from this, you can call your friend and verify whether he has sent this message
  • Also, tell that their WhatsApp account has been hacked. Once they log in to their account, the spammers will not be able to access their account.

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